Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I'm seeing a trend in my obsessions lately... Pink, lavender and warm weird orange-y colors...I had a thought yesterday ( I get those from time to time) and took a few minutes to make up a few blocks to see if I liked them enough to make a whole quilt.. The jury is still out on these... I may need to find a white replacement.. yes, can you believe I have WHITE in there?  I have no light yellow which is my color of choice...

Perhaps if I move forward on this, I will leave the one white block, stuck in among the light yellow... Why not?

My other CURRENT obsession, is about about 33 years old....

When I was a kid I hated cheese. Can you believe that? A kid who hated cheese?(I was a very picky eater) So my Doritos of choice were these TACO flavored chips. I almost tackled the delivery man in the store when I saw him putting that familiar ORANGE Doritos bag on the shelf!   Seriously.  And it seems I have now passed on the obsession to my kid.... Now I have to fight her for them...(Minding the teeth of course!)

NOTE TO Doritos company, I am not a big junk food fan, BUT (I am of these!) Please don't take these back off the market or mess with the recipe... They are as good as I remember them. And makes me feel like a kid all over again..

OK that is just wrong, isn't it?  
Now to get me more Gummy worms and my whole day and diet will be shot to h....

At least I will have a big smile on my face!  hehe!

Which is your Doritos of choice?

Thanks by the way for all the well wishes for Boo!  She seems to be undaunted by the whole thing, but I am a nervous wreck. I didn't want her to play soccer yesterday for fear some kid would kick a ball into her precious teeth!  Of course she played, and was fine... And of course, today, they have a ALL DOWNTOWN SCHOOL field day, where 5 schools get together and play sports all day... I may not make it through the day with worry! LOL! You may want to check in with me later! just in case! I'm usually NOT a nervous-nelly mother, I consider bumps and bruises a sign of a happy active childhood... But Teeth...  My own teeth fears are coming into play... I can handle any blood other than teeth injuries.. yuck!



  1. I am allergic to dairy so Doritos were out for me until I discovered Salsa Verde. Of course about the time I developed my addiction they stopped carrying them on the East Coast. At the time I was traveling a lot for work and I could them in California. I went to a store and bought about 15 bags and mailed them to myself! How's that for an addiction?
    I am finally totally off Doritos. It became a very expensive habit!

  2. hahahah! I love it... just the humor I needed today!

  3. No, no, no. You have it all wrong. It is Cheetos and Dr. Pepper.

    That is the food of the gods.


  4. Spicy doritos for sure! But if it's a health conscious day, the baked ones will do the trick :)

    Glad to hear good news about your cutie pie. I think you should eat lots of doritos today, and do lots of sewing so you don't worry too much!

    I'm twitching for those Michael Miller solids, and especially loving your combo of "warm weird orangy colors".

  5. You are so funny! My current obsession is orange, lavender and green and a light teal for contrast. I am shocked that you are eating Doritos. I can't remember the last time I had one. Of course don't give me a bag of potato chips. All you will get back is the bag!

  6. I love the block! Really! It has a retro jewel tone feel to it.

    And of my guilty night time pleasures for when the kids go to bed and I don't have to share! lol!!! nacho cheese for me though.

    And we just had dental visits here yesterday, so I'm feeling your dental nerves...can't get the man paid off before something else it seems! ah well....they sure are worth it! (I may just refer them to their mouths when they ask about going to college though!)
    Take Care!

  7. My current obsession is time and walking my dog 2+ miles every day! Seems I can't get enough of it for me, so yesterday I got up at 4 am and came downstairs to my studio. Ahhhh. But payback was that I fell asleep at 8:30 on the couch last night. Good thing Annie and I walked at 7 ;-)

  8. You made my day! The old Taco Doritos are back? Yay! I'll have to see if they are here in Ohio.

    The colors of your current obsession reminds me of sunrise at my house...especially the middle set of blocks you've posted. I often think about a quilt of sunrise colors.

  9. We never had Doritos when I was a kid, they were way too expensive. We could only get the cheapy off-brand wavy potato chips! But I guess it's a good thing, cuz I don't have a hankering for the Doritos now! Whew! I have way to many hankerings to add any more!

    I love your blocks....that weird orange with the lavender is gorgeous! Have you tried putting a charcoal grey next to it..... somehow I have grey on the brain lately, and I think everything looks great with it! lol

  10. Wow, you take me back with your talk about Doritos - haven't had them lately, but I'm sure I will now! I've got a picture of me, eating a bag of Doritos, take back in 1976, I think - so I think we share this long-term passion!

    Speaking of passion, when I saw your fab log-cabin photo, I thought the passion was going to be solids! seem to be seeing more and more of them these days...

    Glad your sweetie is doing well!

  11. Fritos are my number 1.. but they are evily loaded with massive calories! so i pretend doritos are fritos.. wink!

    poor kid! i had my two front teeth cracked in elementary school... still have them all these years!

  12. Hey, Pat....Fritos were also my first love, and nothing else comes close. My stomach rebels against all that grease now, so I make do with a few Tostitos and a lot of hummus. My front teeth got cracked when I took a bite out of a concrete curb a few years ago, but they are still hanging in there!

  13. Oh WOW! You mean there was another kid who didn't like cheese? I thought I was the only one. (I was a really picky eater, too!)
    When I was in college (aka pretty broke and desparate) a roommate shared some of his cheese with me -and I liked it. Now I eat cheese frequently. And I do love Doritos! (and Cheetos and...and...I am not so picky anymore!)

  14. I almost cried when I saw those Taco Doritos in the store. They were my all time favorite.

  15. Glad to her Boo is doing well. How are you surviving? Amazing the worry our kids put us through.
    I love any kind of Doritos!!!! But must fight tooth and nail if I'm going to get any with three teenage boys and one little girl competing for them

  16. Unusual color combo but it works and is striking. Doritos--Nacho Cheese with butter. Yes, butter. I used to take a fresh soft cube of butter and scrap my Dorito chips across the top, like a dip! :o)

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  18. I didn't read what happened to Boo's teeth, but I do agree almost everything else is easily fixable - teeth not so much. I wish her well and we all know that dentists these days are magicians.

  19. Thanks goodness Boo is doing so well......those are second teeth she needs them for a long time!

    I never met a chip I didn't like...add onion dip and I'm a goner!

    Take good care of yourself, its been a tough week!
    Happy Sewing

  20. Oh yes...teeth. Teeth injuries give me the willies. I can't stand it when my daughter opens a package with her teeth - especially not after we paid $5000 for orthodontic work!!! But kids are so resilient. What makes us squirm is no big deal to them. I'm proud of your Boo for just taking it in stride!

    (I got nothin' to say about the Doritos. They never were a favourite.)

  21. Nacho cheese. The red bag. I take them on our camping trips along with plain cream cheese, and can make a whole lunch out of nacho cheese Doritos with cream cheese on them. If we're working on a box of assorted small bags, I make my husband eat the Cool Ranch. Those are the only two flavors we'll eat.

  22. You and B have been in my prayers...glad she is doing better!
    As for Doritos - love the nacho cheese classic.

  23. I'm hoping that Boo is doing well.She's such a beautiful girl and I'm sure it must make you nervous to see her but proud that she is caring on despite the injury. I suspect she has a lot of your attitude and that's a great thing. I have dental fear issues as I squirmed when having any teeth problems for my son.

    Did you know that the inventor of Doritos died recently and he wanted Doritos sprinkled on his grave...that's devotion huh?
    Original Doritos are my fav but at heart I'm still a Fritos gal. Frito Pie is a secret obsession.Embarassing sloppy mess but about once in a great while I give in to the crave...yum
    Come to think of it thaat might work with doritos as well

  24. I have your same Taco Doritos obsession. I was said when they came out with the Spicy Taco because I was sure I would never see the original again. I'm glad to see it's back and might just have to make a mad run to my grocery store.


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