Monday, September 19, 2011

bits and pieces

It's been a binding day....
In a GOOD way!

I have a stack of quilts here that only need binding.
Do you let your bindings accumulate too?
This one is for BASICS

I have this big glorious box of quilts to send up to he BRONX.
It will feel so good to give them away.

I consider this year, my year of ''quilt House cleaning''  
meaning I am finishing all my old tops.
I began cleaning the  studio and re organizing... I sifted through many old bins to 
find projects that have now sparked my interest again, which is always FUN!
Or find ones that I can give away to BASICS.
Better that someone gets use from them, rather than collecting dust in my studio!

I got a little overwhelmed cleaning up the studio... 
I have a lot more to go through!

Hope to have a nice clean shiny pic of the space soon.  

I think I managed to make the space more useful this time...
Rather like planning a kitchen on  a triangle.. (do you know that trick?)
Having everything accessible quickly in a turn of a triangle?
Well, mine is more rectangle, but it seems to work quite well. 
Storage space though is tricky.

I had to share our goofy picture taken at our friends wedding this past weekend.
They had silly props to make funny pics, photo booth style.
You took one pic home and 
the other went straight into a scrap book! Instant fun wedding guest memories!
I think I should have went with the Mustache... my pink LIPS are crooked!
Boo played it safe with angry bird... LOL!

I am really loving these blocks though... They make me smile... 

Sometime simple is just so darn good.

 Other than that, I didn't have a very productive sewing day today.
... I made ONE block. 

Did you have a productive day?


  1. How is the building next door coming? Love your windows. I have had an unprecedented three days of sewing (and thinking)in a row! Woohoo!

  2. I'm just trying to figure out how you get to the sewing machine!! Looks like it is all blocked off... do you catapult into the center!! ha ha - there must be a path somewhere, but it's hard to see in this photo - I can imagine you swinging in from a ceiling pipe, like Catwoman!

  3. hahaha! yes there is a walk way between the cutting table and the sewing extension table! to funny!

  4. Victoria....thanks for sharing that pic of your sewing space....nice to see a 'real' working space! LOL

    I'm loving your crumbs blocks set that way.....the sashings are so lovely against the blocks.

    And what a great idea at the pic! Yay!

    I LOVE your stitched words....sweet!

  5. that 9-Patch is a beauty - will make someone very happy. wow, what an amazing studio. wonderful blocks!

  6. I am having major studio envy...all those wonderful windows! I'd be in hog heaven. Thanks for always being such a fun inspiration.

  7. studio envy here too, oh to have windows in the sky. a city tree house for a grown up artist!!! your quilt reminds me of a door. i have had a door quilt on my to do list forever, think it would be cozy on those blistering cold days!!! :>)

  8. I like the way you've moved the fabrics so you see them from a distance. What's the big wood thing on the left? A quilting frame? Art? Looking forward to getting back into your studio again.


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