Friday, August 19, 2011

Signature top complete.

My friend Kim gave me her signature block a week ago and
 said, "I hope I'm not to late!"
Well, yeah, she was, BUT, 
I was ONE block short and I had put in one unsigned block
 that I had laying around! (The one my seam ripper is pointing to.)

I was so thrilled that she gave me her block. I LOVE the colors she put together! 

We often have this talk about COLORS. Kim and I bonded because we have
special names for the colors we like to use.

Do you see that pale yellow green fabric she used in her borders of her block?
She calls it "URINE," while I go for something less distinct, "CAT PEE."
She says "PUKE" colored, I say "POND SCUM."

Can you see why we get along so well?

I actually have a quilt that is officially called "MIXED PAINT" 
but I secretly and affectionately call it "POND SCUM"
It's the only way I can remember what quilt it is... ;-)
You can see a post that includes the quilt here. 
See if you can tell which one it is!

 Ever so carefully I replaced the block... Now the quilt feels COMPLETE! Thanks KIM!

 Here it is! My gorgeous KING size 
Brought to especially by, 
you , you, you , you, you,you , you, you , you, and you!

THANK YOU TO ALL who contributed a block!

I'm still contemplating a wee border around. 
But will let it sit and ferment for a bit before I decide that...


OK, While I have been putting this post together 
I keep walking back and forth past my couch....
 Every time I walk by, these two, are in different positions...

Exhibit  #1: above: 
Pillow squasher Jenny Egg on poor squashed Hexagon pillow.
Exhibit #2:
 Pillow squasher KIA on top of now crumpled couch cushion...

A few minutes later....KIA, has fallen behind the cushions.... 

...and yet, a few more minutes later,

 JENNY EGG is now sitting on top of KIA.

Don't you love KIA's expression?

What do you think she is thinking?


  1. Awesome quilt, lovely signature blocks. Darling fur-babies.

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Kia is saying...yea baby look at the cuteness huh know it..smiles...absolutely scrumptious...

    and i yeah cat pees better..more i imagined kitty in her litter box and viola out came the

  3. Beautiful, Victoria! The border is perfect. I'm honored to have a block in it. Will Jackie be quilting it? Have a good weekend.

  4. oh yeah, the quilt top is wonderful!! off subject, i love your dresses!!! i've noticed that you wear them and i think it's so retro cool!!! if i was tall and thin,,,,(ok i'm tall, just need to loose excess pounds and make house dresses to wear). :>) enjoy your summer days!!!

  5. The siggy quilt is amazing!! It's so much fun to see all the different blocks. The last picture made me laugh out loud, that doesn't happen very often. I miss having a little 4 legged creature in my life. :(

  6. Hey Debbie, i'm not sure who will quilt this yet... it may sit her a while before I make up my mind if I am completely done with it! LOL!

    And Mary, I love 40's cut cotton dresses.. I have a load of them... they seam to fit me very well.... ;-) perhaps I can do a post on them one of these days...

  7. Oh, no! That was MY unsigned block from another swap! LOL.

    Blast from the past!


  8. BUT, I do have your SIGNED BLOCK in the quilt!!! ;-)

  9. Oh, this looks great...crazy, but great! And the pups are adorable :)

  10. The quilt came out beautifully, wish I had been able to send one, but we know how dense I am lately;) Love the pups, so cute, hard to tell where one starts and the other ends.


  11. lovely, lovely, lovely. thanks for including me. I had to unpick a block last week from a finished quilt, which is easier than I feared.

  12. Kia is muttering: "Hey, I thought I was Top Dog around here!!!"

  13. Your signature quilt is beautiful. Am thrilled to be a part of of it and the border is inspired. I think Kia is saying that it is nice to be squashed by someone you love!

  14. Your quilt turned out so wonderful. I am so glad I was a part of it. Hugs

  15. Those guys are adorable! And the quilt is very colorful! I like it!

  16. Totally awesome!! I think Kia is saying "When is Mom going to stop walking past us long enough to see that Jenny Egg is really cramping my style, and get me outta here!!... Please!"

  17. About the signature block, isn't awesome when the "unplanned" happens to fit right into our plans ?? LOL !!! That quilt is awesome!

  18. Just lovely!!! I would love to have a quilt made up of blocks all my friends made. This is truly a treasure!!! And the babies are squishy cute:):) You just want to squeeze em close:):) Have a great day---Hugs---Sandie

  19. KIA says 'Oh the things I put up with.' Love your siggy quilt! Vibrant!

  20. Beautiful quilt... love your pieced borders.

  21. Oh My Golly!!! I haven't tuned in for a while so to see what you've done with the signiture blocks has blown me away! That border totally rocks!! I love that there was a latecomer block and you unpicked to include it. What a very special and amazing quilt!

  22. This siggy quilt is fabulous! and kia is saying.."just wait 'til I get out of here, you are all going to pay for this!" hehehe
    Have a great weekend! Love the Kiss art, is the Motley Crue from the same group or work?

  23. Siggy is really fabulous!! You did it with that dandy border. Bravo!!

  24. My block looks so happy to be hanging out with all those super stars!

  25. Kia is thinking,"Gosh mom why do you keep ratting me out to all your friends!

    I love vocalizing for my dogs:)

  26. Bad friend--------Forgot to tell ya how awesome the finished quilt is and none of your quilts remind me of cat pee-lol! They are all so beautiful!

  27. Jenny Eg looks like my schnoodle she a schnoodle? Next time you're having an open studio I'd love to come into NYC......I'm in NJ.........
    Love following your blog and get lots of good ideas from you and your processes. Thanks for sharing.

  28. What a great quilt!!!! You will treasure it for a long time... and I love your puppies!

  29. The signature quilt absolutely SINGS- fabulous design V!

  30. This was a funny post!! Between all your made-up names for colors and then the lounging dogs-- cracked me up! The siggy quilt looks great all put together! Enjoy!

  31. That border is GORGEOUS!
    Kia is thinking, "Oh, pul-leeeese!!!"


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