Saturday, August 27, 2011

Preparing for Irene, Hampton style

 Beaches are closed... no shots of the ocean.  Houses are boarded...

 Shops windows are boarded, yet you can still shop at Tiffanys and most other shops...

 Windows are taped, clothes are bagged in plastic...

 Some stores have emptied and still have sale racks if you NEED the right dress for a Hurricane...

 The Grocery store is well preserved....

 Spirits?  Get your Spirits here!

 Get creative if you have nothing better to do...

And if you are Bill Clinton, or Alec Baldwin you join us for a good organic
 lunch at Babettes before the storm blows.


  1. Even in a storm warning we still have our priorities - shopping til the last minute!! Good luck, hope everyone is safe.

  2. can't believe some folks are just using tape. fingers crossed for everyone!

  3. Looks like everyone is ready, sounds like you have the right idea. I am bored today, in the mood to get out and do something active;)


  4. Your posts really tell the story of hurricane prep. Fill the tub with water and stay safe. Those of us who get them frequently are wishing you the best.

  5. omg!!! i pray to you!!
    greets ; Marja.

  6. stay safe!
    its starting to rain here and is very dark and eerie now!

  7. Sending wishes your way for a safe next few days... keeping an eye on all the excitement from out here, and feeling very thankful this year's mid-Pacific hurricane season has been uneventful (so far).

  8. While remembering my father taping the picture window in our living room and eating food prepered on the pot belly stove. I thought of you all including Family in Mass.
    But in true quilters spirit I got going and made the back for the basics quilt I made the day before.
    Taking care of the things we can take care of.


  9. I hope it isn't too bad for you. Stay safe - take no risks. Sew if you get the chance - by hand if the power is out. I will be thinking of you over the next few days. Hugs from Ali, in NZ.

  10. Looks like everyone is ready for the big storm. We survived Hurricane Camille so it pays to be prepared! The Cloud 9 fabrics arrived yesterday. I think my idea will work and excited to get going on the block. Am staying focused on a drapery project first, though, and as I work on the drapes, the design for the fabrics is coming together in my mind. :-)

  11. Be safe out there.........

    Thinking of you,
    Happy Sewing

  12. Those of us on the (mostly boring) west coast wish you well and hope for the best!

  13. Sending wishes that you'll be spared.Great photo of Bill Clinton.

  14. You do get to have lunch with amazing people where you live V don't you?!!! Stay safe, it must be feeling a little unreal there at the moment? xo

  15. The town does look prepared. This storm isn't to be taken lightly. I am looking forward to its departure. Tell Bill I said, "Hey!"

  16. I just have to ask: What exactly is "the right dress" for a hurricane?

  17. The "creative" blue tape on the window seems to be inspired by your red X quilt (on your sidebar, love that one). Glad you all survived Irene!

  18. Hope all ok with you and that the storm has passed you by. Best wishes.


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