Sunday, August 14, 2011

Podcast with Jackie

My pod cast is up at Jackie's Quilting Chronicles today!
Nothing better then sitting around chatting quilts with your pal!
click the link to take you to the interview.
Then check out her store too, Canton Village QUilt Works. So many goodies!

 Let me give you a heads up... See the scene stealer below?
mmm hmmm, I'm talking about Miss Jenny Egg...
She even makes an appearance in the pod cast! LOL

    Have a great Sunday!


  1. Hi Victoria! Your quilts are truly awesome! Fun to see you over @ Jackie's blog...

    Surely do love your doggie...

  2. Jenny Egg is definitely an attention getter, but a very cute one at that!! I am absolutely loving the colors in that block! But then again, you know me and pink and green!! Thanks for the shop mention, you are great!

  3. Hi Victoria! Just wanted to say BEAUTIFUL!! Your quilts are great. I'm new to blog land. And I'm a new follower. Cant wait to see what you blog about next. hugs-- Sandie

  4. Podcast was so good to hear. More than an interview, it was a real conversation.

  5. Just listened to the podcast. Wonderful!!
    I just commented to Jackie that I'm more determined than ever to get myself over there to meet you guys and get crafty!!
    And that block at the end of this post. Is it for me? ;)
    Andi xx

  6. The block is just beautiful - my colours, turquoise and magenta, and looks great against the dark purple floor.

  7. Great podcast! You are very articulate and I wished it was longer. What do do do when your work is not going well? Do you ever "abort the mission"? Do you force yourself to figure problems out? It is always interesting to hear how an artist works when things are not going swimmingly...

  8. P.S. On a lighter note your puppy is adorable...

  9. enjoyed the podcast which gave me a better idea of what you do........why oh why did I not visit during quilters take manhattan? Im sure M would have looked after R!!! see you soon


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