Monday, August 1, 2011

busy week ahead.

 I'm really getting on TOP of my work... hehe... I spy toes....
Borders are coming together on my signature quilt....

We went to the Hamptons designer Showhouse yesterday, 
Perhaps the walls inspired my new borders? Nope, I had mine in progress already...
I love, love, love this room and the walls...
I'm trying to find a wall in my house that I could do this too.


"This is a Quilt!"

One of my little quilts is touring in a SAQA show

This is SAQA’s second Trunk Show. Curated by Deb Cashatt and Kris Sazaki, it was designed to showcase SAQA’s diversity of talent and its mission to “promote the art quilt through education, exhibitions, professional development, and documentation.”
 Learn more about these quilts and how to bring a trunk show to your area.
Each quilt is framed in a 12" archival white mat (not shown) with an 8" opening.


Here's a whole mish mash of all my blocks to date for my BOM quilt from
 my 15minutesplay site. 
I left a few of the first blocks in the city, when I get them all together, 
I can get a proper picture of them all I think they will look fantastic together.  
I want to make all of these in the OPPOSITES as well, like we did on the churn dash block. 
Can you find the two?


I'm NYC bound tomorrow for a week.  
It's my 6 months check up on my blood work.
I'm really hoping I can wait another month or s,o before another 10 hour infusion.
(old post here)
Thank you to all my pals (Kim , Shelly, Jackie, Helen, etc.) who keep asking, 
"Did you go back to the doctor yet?"
I will finally be bale to answer them, "Yes!"


And also,
Time to get all the 

There are still tickets available for Saturday events!  
Come on down, over or across, it will be great fun!


  1. while quilters are taking manhattan, they're also taking over my house for my first ever quilt camp. stay cool, stay iron-ated, and have fun! I like the orange bom!

  2. Many gentle hugs of strength sent your way, girl !

  3. good luck with your upcoming busy-ness. go orange. when my grandson was a baby he loved the point he would turn orange. (he starts high school next week) take care of yourself, we need you!!!! :>)

  4. Sending you love and OOHS AND AAHS about your current beauty of your projects. When I grow up, I want to be you!!!! Love to you, V, and know that I sending you healthy vibe for your med visit. Em

  5. fun fun stuff!!! And have a GREAT event this weekend... I'll be pouting that I am not there

  6. Here's hoping the doctor's say you have at least another month's worth of iron left in you! Love all the color and creativity in your post today (and every day).

  7. How I love your quilt with "made" fabrics. It's fun with the twin blocks. Too bad I'm on the other side of the country, I'd love to attend this event on the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good dr's appt for you.

  8. Hugs and prayers for a iron filled system...hey i have a challenge for you...everyone sends you a block that represents their interpretation of iron and orange...smiles..

  9. Good luck at the doctor's office. I've been thinking of you, knowing you've got so much on your plate, especially this week. Your signature quilt is looking great. I love the new setting . . . Have fun this weekend!

  10. SAQA's site has been a favorite of mine for years. So happy to see you are in it!!!


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