Sunday, July 17, 2011

Minnesota rainbows

It's been a lovely week, and we ended it with the grad party and a rainbow! It's hot and very sticky and I'm covered in mosquito bites, but I loved every minute of it. Haven't sewn a stitch... Just dangled my feet in the water sitting on the dock... Gotta love it. Home tomorrow. Will show you some of my goodies upon my return! Mmmm, fabric goodies! Stay cool!


  1. Gorgeous shot! Glad you didn't melt away while you were here!

  2. I lived in MN for 10 rainbows EVER. Have a safe trip home!

  3. Today in Minnesota you needed to have your whole body in the water not just your toes! Safe travels home..

  4. We were up to Minnesota for the weekend. Talk about sticky hot weather! Even the rain wasn't comforting. Looking forward to seeing the goodies.


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