Monday, May 2, 2011

ALL around NYC.

 Yesterday I took Shelly all around NYC. We started at the south end near wall street
and Battery park so we could walk over to see the Statue of Liberty at the water's edge.
  We admired all the Cherry Blossoms in the park all around the HOPE garden, and 
In Memory of 9-11-01.. We also visited Ground Zero, which is still a big hole... 
They can't decide what to build there...

After that, we walked over to the Museum of the American Indian to inspect 
the great beautiful building that it is held in.  BOY! Were we in for a treat! 
Inspiration galore! 
Check out this hand work, and the stitching and COLOR!

We learned that they SEWED with Porcupine Quills!   AMAZING STUFF....
Was a happy surprise, we came out of there with some ideas!
We then cruised up town to the TOP o f Manhattan to the Cloisters,
and lunch at the new leaf cafe in Fort Tyron Park, then back down to the 
Folk Art Museum Annex location... We walked in and took a moment to admire
the 9-11-01 Memorial Quilt.
Little did we know, our day would be filled with MORE 9-11-01 history 
with the Bin Ladin announcement later that night...

 The quilt holds extra special memories for us,
As my Stepson's godmother was on Flight 11...

Some real beauties in this location. I can't wait for the PART TWO QUILT collection to be 
up at the FOLK ART MUSEUM...  So many beautiful things to think about....

Shelly is heading back to TX.  It was so nice to have had some fun NYC touristy
quilty stuff to do these last few days...

Have a great week!


  1. What wonderful places to visit and would love to visit the library if I go again. My ancestors were the original settlers and owners of the lands, so it would be fun to see if I can find information in the library.


  2. So sorry I missed you up by the Cloisters! Sure love that girl! What fun you both had together. Love it!

  3. What a fun time you had!! Thank you for show us all the lovelies, but I think right now I would be most interested in seeing the 9-11 memorial quilt. Yes, NYC was jumping last night with the news!!

  4. By the way, I am so glad there are now sewing machines, so we don't have to sew with Porcupine quills... Can you imagine???

  5. Thanks for the look at the 9-11 quilts. Was it Berry Berenson that patch was for? I've long been a student of Bernard Berenson having read his books and books about him and I Tatti-also a fan of the late Tony Perkins. Fascinating..

    Looks like you had the perfect day out and about.

  6. The 9/11 quilts are stunning. Thank you so much for sharing them.
    The American Indian art is beyond words. Beautiful, amazing, inspiring.....

  7. Beautiful quilts!! and that park looks wonderful too with all the flowers blooming -- I thought a park or some memorial was going in where the twin towers stood?

  8. Sounds like a perfect day. One day I'm going to show up at your door.,,,

  9. I like the photo of the pink snow tree blossoms! The remind me of pink snow when they start to fall off.

  10. Lovely to see some of your world V. Gorgeous blossom. I haven't seen the 9/11 quilts before, thanks for sharing, particularly apt with the news! Love that last star quilt. xo

  11. What kind of tree is that? It is beautiful!! We don't have trees like that here in Odessa. What am I talking about, we don't have very many trees at all. We have mesquite bushes that we call trees.

  12. Thank you so very much for sharing pictures of these wonderful quilts. I never knew there was a 911 Memorial Quilt. It is amazing. Sorry for your family's loss.

  13. Looks like you two had quite a day! Thanks for such an inspirational post. Loved every single picture in it!
    Star quilts are Crazy Amazing!!!
    I have never seen the 9/11 quilt in person. I imagine it would be very emotional..
    Thank you, Victoria!


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