Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Day With Jennifer & Jackie

Jackie, Jennifer and myself
If I drive half way to Jackie's, and Jackie drives half way to meet me from CT,
we meet exactly at...Jennifer Paganelli's House!

Isn't that convenient?

Welcome to Girls World! 
Or, well, Girls day!

Jackie and I drove to visit Jennifer today, Jackie did a Pod cast with her, 
and Jennifer and I have done Charity projects in the past... Remember these?

She is one CREATIVE  and Fabulous lady, let me tell you!
 Walking through her house and studio is like the world I live in, in my head!

So many crafts that take me back to being a kid of the 70's... vintage Xmas ornaments, 
pearls and sequin pin art and glitter galore!

 Quilts of her grandmother's adorn headboards, and her glorious fabrics 
line her house walls and floors...
 You can't help but want to CREATE when you're in her house...

 Or walk off with a basket of her fabrics!
(No, I didn't!)

I do have a nice new JP Tunic though!
Jennifer is a woman that inspires me daily. 
She creates from such a natural happy place,
 I can so relate to cherishing the "good old days" vibes
that she takes her inspirations from... 
vintage dresses, fabrics, wallpapers, etc.

She  has a book out right now...
Girls World, and another coming out shortly!

Her fabrics make me want to dance around the room!
(you've seen my stash of them!)

Than you Jennifer for having us into your home...
Great to see you too, Jackie!

Stay tuned for a great podcast from Jackie and Jennifer...
(I was eavesdropping....hehe!)

 I'm off to sew me some Honey Child....

And print off some of these...


  1. What fun! You sure have a great time wherever you go, don't you?

    Looking very cute in your new JP tunic too ;)

  2. Looks like a fun day with the girls. I have to get another car, for now my husband has mine, since his got recalled. My shop owner wants to trade hooking lessons for pfaff lessons, so maybe I can finally get to use the features on my machine.


  3. How wonderful to get to spend a day with the fabulous Jennifer! So cool that the three of you live close enough to have a girls day.

  4. May I just say "the funnest day" you must have had. I know funnest isn't a word but I just wanted to use it.

  5. It was truly a FUN day!! Right now my mind is simply crawling with wonderful ideas. I feel like you! How terrific it was to see you at Jennifer's. Right now I am so beat. Going to do a blog post for tomorrow and then off to bed! Sweet quilty dreams to you!! You look great in the tunic.

  6. Is that feedsack fabric I see in that basket? Oy!

    What a nice way to be together occasionally ... having a fun day. Mercy! she has a full house of creations, how lovely & all the memories she has created with her vintage treasures.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  7. oh how FUN!! can't wait to interview Jennifer!! Saw the 'its a secret'... i'll tell NO ONE... not a soul..wink!

  8. 3 of my favourite chicks in one place!! Yay.
    Wish I could have been there too!!
    Andi x

  9. Oh Wow! To have tagged along with you ... I have a good-sized stack of JP fabric too, one of few designers that I buy again and again. Love her stuff. Thanks for the peek into her place!

  10. When I see talent like this, I know the fun this person must have just going at it!
    OMG...I'm all thumbs when it comes to this stuff!

  11. Fun! I go into creative overload just thinking about the three of you in one place:)

  12. i can easily go into fabric overload. ya'all know what i mean? it's like a out of body experience. i would wake up (wearing a new jp tunic) the next morning thinking "I dreamed....

  13. Creative friends, inspirational surroundings sounds like heaven.

  14. All I can say is what a stinking fun day! Delightful!!!

  15. woohoo what a fun day this would have been, all that creativity in the one room!!! Gorgeous top V xo


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