Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peru review

 WARNING: super long post about PERU!

Interesting to learn about making the wool, what leaves and roots mixed with water, 
or oils makes them a dye to make the yarn....

 The Alpaca, Llamas, and Vicuñas were a great big hit with Boo!

 This was in Cusco at Saxywama ... They had no WHEEL, so how did they 
move these HUGE rocks into place! We consumed a load of info from our fabulous guide, Rosa...
 Sliding down natural lava rock for fun...
 Viva El PERU!

 The old part of LIMA, we visited the Iglesia de San Francisco church with catacombs

The buildings around the palace where all yellow... Quite lovely...

I took 1,165 pictures... it is hard to narrow them all down and show you the best bits...

The best parts of the trip?
Besides being stuck at Machu Piccu do to the mudslide?
 scroll down...

This is the sunset at Machu Piccu at the Sun dial where we stumbled upon Two archaeologists who 
have been coming here for ten years on the Ides of March, otherwise known as the Equinox, 
just to prove a theory about the sundial

At exactly 5pm, we watched as the sunset, hit the sundial and and lined up perfectly with
two cross sections of stones... the archaeologists were jumping up and down, 
and shouting, and we all stood in awe to watch the sunset over the mountains....
 This is a shot of the two intersecting shadows they were all excited about.... ten years to get this photo
and there we were seeing and setting our watches to the Equinox, at the sundial of Machu Piccu.
How cool is that?
 The two men and a guide all smiles ear to ear...

the other really great thing?
getting to be strictly VISUAL for one whole week with my camera... LOOK!
a green patchwork quilt....

We did get a train out the next day...  but even more surprising was when we went for our 
train (before we knew that there wasn't going to be a train) we ran into FRIENDS FROM NYC 
that we had no idea were also in Peru, at the train station...stranded with us...

This old world ain't so big after all.....

life is good.


  1. Absolutely breath taking..., Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think that the "colores peruanos" looks great for your quilts. Welcome to South America, hope to see you in my beautiful Argentina!!! Marina, froma Buenos Aires

  3. Your photos are always great, but these are just superb! What a great trip. Thanks for showing us.

  4. WOW!! the weaving - so colorful!! The scenery - I would love to go there some day - it is so beautiful - you are lucky to have gone and so strange to run into people you knew. The one time we went to NYC and out to Ellis Island we ran into people from the same town as us standing in line ahead of us - one of them had dropped their drivers license and I bent to pick it up and saw the name of our town - he was a local doctor - weird - talked for a couple minutes - very strange.

  5. Thank you for sharing these photos with us. The colors of their clothing are wonderful and it is all so GREEN. The yellow buildings go well with your yellow quilt. Congrats on winning a ribbon. I love the picture of Boo holding hands with her dad. What a wonderful experience for all of you!

  6. thanks victoria!
    i knew the pictures would be breath taking!

    i love the close up of the llama tho...

  7. Awesome pics V, love all that colour! the world is very very small! xo

  8. What wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing them! When we were in Rome walking about the Forum, lo and behold we ran into some folks we knew and neither of us knew the other was going to be there. Of course we were all living in Germany at the time but it was still amazing.

  9. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey.

  10. LOL> I take a million pictures also. Comes from the days when you didn't get to see your pictures for a week while they were being developed and you never knew if you got any good ones!

    Peru is breathtaking. I want to go there soon. was this a tour? organized trip? or did you plan it yourself?


  11. A country filled with colorful inspiration. Somehow I think a quilt will come out of this trip. Did Rosa love her quilt?

  12. incredibly amazing. you are a fabulous photographer. that shot with the birds in flight took my breath away. love the textiles, the llamas, the ruins, the everything.

  13. Oh boy! What a visual feast. It is funny that looking at the colors, it seemed like you were a kindred spirit with the dyers in Peru since you like such luscious bold colors in your quilts.

    Your photographs are just spectacular.

  14. The Sun Dial was amazing. How did they know the exact date of the Equinox so long ago? Must have been most in tune with nature then. So glad it wasn't raining when you were there to see it.

  15. your photos are always great. but these, wow. you warned of a long post, well it was over way too soon. and i never ever get tired of hearing "small world stories"!!

  16. Gorgeous inspiring photos. And I loved reading about the sundial.

  17. Ah's on the to-do list! We have a Peruvian friend, and plan to use her knowledge (and relatives) to partake in a fun escape some day!

  18. Ahhhh you were their for the equinox...i want that pic...smiles...i love it...i love the place...still have not made it there...thanks for the imagery...E

  19. Oh, Victoria, thank you for sharing these incredible pictures with us! Truly an amazing place!

  20. Wow, looks like an wonderful trip! Just the way a vacation should be. I love all the local life and art you got to see, as well as the amazing scenery at Machu Piccu. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  21. Your trip photos are amazing. Just amazing. Wow.

  22. How on earth did I miss this post?? Oh this brings back memories. I loved sliding down that natural slide. I remember all of these!! There is one thing missing, a nice big picture of beautiful Rosa.


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