Saturday, March 5, 2011


 A few NYC MOMENTS.... 
I realize I haven't done a tour around NYC lately...  
Well, it's been so darn cold who can blame me?

Today High 50's (woohoo!)
and lovely.. so after I finished Boo's Pillow...(I think she liked it),

We went for a walk in our back yard.....


NO, I didn't post this the wrong way....

Pimp my ride!

Tourists.... ;-)

 Street performers....  notice the guy in the AIR over the young ones head....
Drag queens....  ;-)
 Roy Lichtenstein Mural at the 42nd St subway station

THE GARMENT WORKER by Judith Weller 

We walk by him everyday going to take the subway to school...

After a stroll, and a stop at Cold Stone Creamery...
(I'm a coffee ice cream Addict, with peanut butter added)

I got a few other goodies cleaned up around here...

Time for some tea!


  1. So cool! Brings back good memories of our visit to NYC three summers ago. But it wasn't cold was stinkin' hot! We had SUCH a good time. I nearly cried when we had to leave. Goodbye Manhattan... I'll be back.

    Thanks for the pictures ;)

  2. Great photos, they just get me more excited about my trip to NYC.... Love the garment worker artwork. Your design wall is looking mighty colorful, you have been busy!

  3. Fun! I really love the sunshine coming from your design wall. Enjoy your warmth.

  4. I LOVE NY and you just reminded me why. The creativity is everywhere! Even the drag queens have a flair. Love their big dots!

  5. Wonderful photos! Wonderful day!! It was great to chat with you too!

  6. Thanks for the tour. I enjoyed a cup of tea while I viewed your blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. looks like such a fun back yard - so very different than mine - I know I wouldn't want it all the time but now and then would be cool.

  8. Can't wait to see all this! Love that black octagon block especially.

  9. Nice pillow! Thanks for the tour! It brings back lots of memories... It has been too long since I have been in NYC!

  10. Wonderful photos capturing the essence of a great city!! Love the purple car!! And love the view of the design wall at the end, lots of good stuff going on there.

  11. I am a coffee ANYTHING addict... add peanut butter to just about anything and hear the angels sing!

    ps.. I need a purple car.. or purple sewing machine... or maybe a red one

  12. Thanks for the NYC fix. I'll get there again some day. Your design wall is quite spectacular too!

  13. Thank you for the tour! LOVED the garment worker! I am a sucker for wonderful sculpture!

  14. Great photos of NYC .. I especially liked seeing the one of the Garment Worker sculpture. Every time I'd travel to NYC for business I'd see him when I went in that building for quick stops in between walking to vendor appointments. Sadly it's been quite a few years since I've last gone there. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. :-)

  15. How could Boo not love that pillow?! And thanks for the different to my 'yard', though I did take a trip into Birmingham last night and with Joshua Bell and Justin Bieber both playing there, the audience mix waking the streets was a little surreal! Didn't realise your great purple 'hexes' were so large...each one the makings of a quilt...a series??!

  16. thanks for the walking tour. i do love your city. we always stay at the crown plaza in times square, i had never thought about it being someones backyard! when we win the lottery....something smallish in nyc and something beachy in key west. wish i was there for the big east basketball tourney then the quilt dreaming again, thanks again, it was fun. ps love your dogs too.

  17. love the pics - that car on the side of the building is fabulous. ooh, and I want that purple one. hee hee hee. I do miss seeing all sorts of liveliness like this in Paris. Don't begin to have a speck of it here. mmmm, that ice cream combo sounds tasty.

  18. love the pictures around the city
    always fun just to watch people isn't it?
    oh LOVE the things on your design wall...
    what fun.
    I need to go visit the garment worker next time I am in the city, something you just must see in person.
    I will be at the R and W show on the 29th
    maybe another day too, will keep you posted! May need to come in to see the empire quilt show, right?

  19. You TOO! I'm a coffee ice cream total addict!!!! And the bad (or maybe good) thing is . . . I can't buy it where I live hardly EVER! I have to go over an hour from home to find it! But when I get on a mission . . . look out! Sometimes you just GOTTA have it, right?


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