Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jump Start Your Quilting Blog tour

Hello quilter friends! 
Here's a new book out , called "Jump Start Your Quilting" printed by

I was asked to review a project in this book, so I quickly flipped through it trying to find
something scrappy and fabulous when I saw this Bed Runner, a pattern by Connie Rand
 It's paper pieced, strips, and EASY and FAST! (Although it's marked intermediate)
I just love the batiks she used in this...I'm all for anything using up your scraps... 
How cute would this be in a multitude of colors?

By the way a bed runner, is just a pretty thin quilt-let to lay across your bed. ;-)

One thing I have to say about this book is, it includes
many different types of projects...cute ones too!
 Can't you just see Jenny Egg wearing this Strip pieced doggie coat? ;-)
There are also, Christmas stocking, hand bags, pillows,
and many really pretty quilt patterns as well...
The ORANGE and that great SCALLOPED EDGE caught my eye...
something I need to try...

You can see more about the book this week on the blog tour:

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  1. I love the fabrics in the bedrunner, but what's a bedrunner?

  2. Looks like an interesting book! But yeah, what IS a bed runner? :)

  3. Oooh, that does have some great scrappy potential. But the dog coat- Jenny Egg NEEDS it! Please, please make her one V!

  4. That looks like a great book. The doggy coat is too cute, perfect for a fancy doggy night out! I've seen bed runners before, it's a cool idea for dressing up a room. Maybe my guest room needs one.

  5. Looks very interesting. I'm sure I could find something new to try :).

  6. I know some pooches who could use some coats:) Looks like a good book!

  7. Wow! That orange quilt looks fantastic!

  8. I really like the idea of the bed runner, I could see that pattern in a large quilt.

  9. The dog coat is too cute!! Perfect for Jenny Egg!!

  10. Interesting book - would make some of the quilts perhaps - yet not a doggie item or bed runner.. visited Pat Sloan's blog and liked the interview.

  11. Just dropped by to check out your write up... I'm like the rest of your blog visitors.. I totally love the coat for the puppy... My little Pitty Pat will look so cute when I make one for her this summer.. Of course it will have to be pink fabrics...

  12. Looks like a great book and all in colors I love in the ones you picked to show. Great review. Now do I have time to sew for the dogs too,lol.

  13. I love the dog coat. My little 10lb. dog would look adorable wearing it.

  14. Loved your review. Hasn't this been a fun tour!


  15. Over here in NC we call those bed runners - toe warmers!! Love your review of the book. Judy C

  16. Would love to make a bed runner for my bed. It would add a little pop of color which is always nice. The doggy quilt is adorable too. Looks like a good book to have. Thanks got sharing.

  17. I love scrap quilts too and this would be a great way to use up all those strips I've cut from the leftover bits from my projects.

  18. I love the look of that book, I will have to put it on my wishlist.

  19. I've seen a couple of really inspiring projects in this book... looks like a good one to have in the library!

  20. Victoria,
    I think that the dog coat is so fun- I am not sure I would make one but it was pretty fun to think about making one for our dog..
    It looks like your retreat and fabric exchange was a blast.. What a great collection of fabric.
    Warmest regards,

  21. I like the bed runner idea--I have to make a Thank You gift for someone, and this is perfect!

  22. Love the doggie quilted jacket:)

  23. A bedrunner is new to me...but a great idea for a different gift for a fellow quilter. Thanks for the info on the new book!


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