Sunday, March 20, 2011

Guest Blogger, KIM

Quilt Retreat Inspiration
I didn't finish any projects during the weekend.
Instead I was surrounded by ideas, inspiration and creative quilting ladies.
Where was I?
At Victoria's retreat in NYC!
We had plenty of time to sew and visit with each other, great food to eat, and no shortage of scraps at our disposal.  Victoria kept reminding us that "you can't go home until these scraps are all used up!"

What is it about using someone else's scraps and having no plan in mind that allows the spirit to be spontaneous at the sewing machine? I started a few things and still tons of ideas brewing in my imagination just waiting to be put into a quilt or wall hanging.  I came home with my quilting batteries all recharged and enough new projects to keep me busy for a good long while.

Thanks Victoria and all my quilting retreat companions.

Happy Sewing,

Tomorrow's guest Blogger Is Karen from the selvage Blog.

Hello from Lima, Peru!
happy Sewing!



  1. Kim, even though you didn't finish any project, you were quite productive!! Love how your mosaics and owl turned out!! Looking forward to seeing you again.

  2. Love your owl,Kim! What are you going to do with him?

  3. Looks like you got tons done! I even see some scraps I sent to V with my stripes, dots and plaids blocks! Love to see them in your quilt!

  4. Of course I love the tile blocks. I love that each piece is a recoginizable object. I also love the raw edges. The owl is terrific and I need to make one for my owl loving friend. Bonnie

  5. those mosaics are wonderful and of course the hoohoot owl! I love playing with someone else's scraps. There really is freedom in it, no emotional attachment, no wanting to save it for another project...

  6. Kim, I didn't see all these other blocks you made! You just kept on sewing and laughing and cleaning. It was a joy to be with you at the retreat.

  7. I love the tile blocks...thanks for the idea...i can use up some scraps...smiles...

  8. It's great seeing such happy results from our weekend of fun. May your batteries keep on going and going.....

  9. That was just a practice owl...I made an even better one yesterday and I'm going to put him into a Halloween quilt..............

    those tiles were an inspiration from Bonnie's hand turned tiles and an adorable quilt over at Karen's site....the salvage blog.

    so many ideas so little time :0)

    Happy Sewing...I do hope V. is having the time of her life in Peru


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