Friday, March 25, 2011

Guest Blogger, HELEN

 My V-String Vest
by Helen
What can I make with Victoria's scraps?  Just start sewing strips on phone book
pages and see what happens. Corner to corner makes a nice 30 degree angle. 

  Now some leaning the other way.  Starting to see some V's.....Voila!      
But.... if I made thinner Victoria!      

  I stitch & flipped these bias babies on a batiste foundation for stability, 
and stay-stitched all the curved edges.

  Now, what on earth for the back side?  Some Kaffe Roses, of course. 

Need to put on my sunglasses now, but I cannot stop smiling
ever since V's excellent retreat.
 It was the best one ever!!!!

My Quilting Journey (so far)

My first quilt was a 9-block sampler done in the late 70's.  Like most quilts at that time, 
the fabrics were tea-dyed calico and muslin.  How fabrics have changed since then!  But I loved
taking classes at the local quilt shop and meeting other quilters.  Then I joined a few guilds and 
began reading quilt magazines, where I learned about quilt cruises.  Suddenly my world grew larger....more classes, more friends, and more quilts to make.  After all those years my beds now
have queen size quilts, my sofa and chairs have lap quilts, my walls are covered with wall quilts, 
and my closets are filled with quilted wearables and  quilted bags.  I just cannot seem to stop!  
When I see a fabric I like, I know I will find a place to put it.  I no longer make big quilts....trying 
to cut down without quitting completely.  Now Victoria's scrap swaps have given me a new 
challenge and I feel free to work with more colors.....even orange!  I have come a long way and 
have just turned another corner. 

(Blogless no more!)   See Helen's new blog at) 
Thank you Helen!  I still think you need that blog title...wink wink!  
You are a BLOGGER NOW! Yippeee!
 Can't wait to see you lovely new vest in person!  I love hearing about your journey
and where your creative process has evolved...I'm so happy you keep trying new things, and 
that our paths have crossed... Minnesotan's on the east coast... go figure!


Next up on the guest blogger tour, is BONNIE 
Happy Sewing!
I come home tomorrow! With pictures! Wahoo!


  1. Love hearing about your journey, Helen. You are always
    ready for the next adventure. Your vest looks fabulous; can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Helen, I enjoy reading about your journey. It is amazing how the quilts take over, and then there are still so many to make. Best of all, great friends are made. I'm so pleased to be another one of your quilting buddies.

  3. I so enjoyed meeting you Helen and being your sewing neighbor at V's.
    Your vests are just the best...they look so professionally done!

    I love the magazine articles that show a quilters first quilt and their latest......very inspiring.
    Quilting is a wonderful journey much like life, learning new skills and meeting great people along the way...thanks for sharing your quilting journey.

    Happy Sewing

  4. We did have the mostest fun. My journey has been similiar to yours, although I still have to add bouts of hand-piecing and applique to the mix. I have tried to cut down and give away, but so far no luck. I didn't know you too are from Minnesota. Wow!!

    Victoria did you walk down from Macchu Pichu or slide in the mud?



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