Sunday, February 6, 2011

NYC + Shopping+ Jackie

 Jackie and I both have a huge fondness for African Print fabrics... 
She has a huge stash of them which she has not cut into.  I didn't have a super large stash
of them, but I was savoring them, and also had not cut into them 
until about 20 minutes before she came to my loft.
I hacked up everything I had to make a very simple, KING (of course) block quilt.  
Then realized I ran out to finish the border...
 I began piecing this zig zag border for the quilt, using every last bit I could, before we decided 
it was time to go shopping... Since I live in the garment district, 
this happens very easy, and very Quickly...
I was on a mission for more African prints, 
and she was on a SILK mission...
 We must have went into 15 stores and we definitely found what we were looking for....  
Haggling here and there, winding our way through mounds of bolts of fabrics...

 I think I can say, "Mission Accomplished" on my search,,, and after a bunch more shops,
I think Jackie has very heavy suitcase full of silks.... ;-)
(and cupcakes)

 We had a bit of nice sewing time.  She pieced a project for herself.. 
A Judy Niemeyer pattern... 
Aren't the colors lovely?
 Saturday we had our NYC Metro MOD meeting.  It was very dreary rainy day, 
and everyone shuffled in wet and soggy, but it didn't take long for everyone
to warm up and settle in for some great show and tell.
This was Margaret's quilt made from clothing from her late husband. She hand quilted it, 
and added the Pussy willows applique over it... STUNNING. 
Look at the pieced scrap border... I'm in heaven!
I have to say, our MOD group has so much energy, and cohesiveness even though
we all do such very different things... You can see more pics at the BLOG site...
One thing we do, is we build a quilt every two months..(at ever meeting),
we a together as a group, we all bring the assigned blocks in and we arrange
it all as a group until we all say, "YES! That's it!"  This picture shows our Feb
quilt in progress, but this was not yet the finished product.  
I forgot to take that pic! Lot's of luck!

Then Saturday night we had a Girls night pot luck dinner... myself and 12 friends,
whooped it up til the wee hours of the morning... (wee to me anyway) midnight!
6 hours of extreme laughter and good food.

I highly recommend that if you don't see your friends very often...
Get them all together once or twice a year... This was my 3rd Annual dinner,
and I swear it makes you feel ten years younger to be so connected to other
women around you. (Or men, if your reading this blog too! ;-)


So to wrap it up, Jackie and I had a blast this weekend... I brought her back to the
train, and I wouldn't be surprised if she is totally exhausted.  I am! 
But I have 45 minutes before I need to be at a super bowl party...
GO STEELERS!  (Sorry Packer fans!  I'm and east coast girl now!)

Get home safe Jackie! I had a blast!

How do you find time to connect with friends besides blogs?


  1. It must be so much fun to live that close to so much fabric. I love the projects you and Jackie are working on, and you belong to an amazing guild!

  2. Those pictures of the shops are fabulous. I am coming to NYC in March to see the red and white quilt exhibit at the Folk Art Museum. Can you recommend some shops for fabric?

  3. Yay! Your photos of our weekend came out beautiful!! I did have a blast, way too much fun, really everyday. It was well needed too. I was exhausted and actually caught about 10 minutes of zzzzzz's on the train. Everyone was sooooo nice and I am just dying to cut into the silks and YES... This is the year to cut into the African fabric stash!!

  4. Sounds like so much fun - shoping with Jackie - sewing with your group and hosting a dinner!
    We met friends of mine from GRADE SCHOOL for lunch in FLORIDA. What a great time.

  5. Hey, next time you go shopping, take me with you! Super colors. I'm very impressed by the memory quilt made with late husband's clothes. very moving

  6. Sounds like a fun weekend! I love your new fabrics...Jackie's star...margarets pieced border (great idea if you don't have a huge piece of fabric!) and your group quilt - what a wonderful idea!

  7. I also have a stash of African fabrics, never cut into, but I love them!

  8. NYC + Shopping + Jackie = lots of fun! I think I spied some rolls of polka dots in one of the shops. :o) Gorgeous African prints. I hope Jackie has wheels on her suitcase.

  9. I love these African prints too! Would love to make something for our table with them, so I'll have to add this to my shopping list next time I'm in the City.

    Sounds like another fun day with Jackie. I love that you are able to connect with blogger friends in person! I connect with one or two blogger friends in email, but wish we could do that in person more often.

    Sorry about your Steelers.

  10. What great fabrics! Sounds like so much nephew is getting married in NYC this summer so I may be asking for the names of those stores!

    I get together with my sewing buddies at least once a keeps me sane!

  11. Once a year I host a St. Lucia Day brunch on or around December 13th (Lucia Day). It is for all my best gal pals, it is lovely and a quiet peaceful visiting time in the middle of the chaos that is December. This year both of my (adult) daughters were there, and one of them sang some songs, one in Swedish. Priceless.

  12. I can't wait to see your African fabric creation. I just sorted my stash and found the one, yes ONE piece of African fabric I own. I think I will make a dress for daughter's Addy (Am. Girl doll).

    My friends and I have tea every Tuesday at three!

  13. Ooh, those African fabrics look great! I can hear the drumming. That quilt with the pussy willows is really lovely too, and such a treasure with his old clothes.

  14. I love all those bright and beautiful African prints. The border is looking gorgeous!
    I too like Margaret's quilt and nothing better than a quilt from a loved one!

  15. Oh, I wish I could see that finished guild quilt!

    Getting together with friends... there hasn't been nearly enough of that around here. Thanks for the push.

  16. What an amazing shopping day! I have no idea what that must be like living where you live. I have visited NY before but would love to go to the Garment district now!

    Love the zig Zag border in all those fabulous colors.

    Getting together with women has a dynamic to it that you just can not explain to men. :)

    Sorry about us beating you but I am sooooo thrilled we did. It was a great game regardless.

  17. What a great shop! I love Dutch Wax African prints and I am in the process of cutting the fabric I have in my stash for a special quilt. Did you say the name of the shop? I will have to go back and re-read.

  18. So lovely you and Jackie can get together. I love seeing what you girls get up to. The African prints are gorgeous. xo


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