Wednesday, February 2, 2011

delete email

Just FYI:  
My address book was hijacked, and sent emails to everyone 
saying I just gave you free movie tickets.. .
please delete...I didn't...

I'm so sorry, although, that's a nice idea...

I hate spam mail more than you know... I don't like forwarded emails, or "nice thoughts"
emails that people forward on, "because they are nice thoughts emails"

Don't like them, don't read them, I delete them...

I do like Polka dots, and bright happy colors!
and fuzzy groundhog's who think Spring is coming early!

And other nice thoughtful emails written by you personally!


I found that that those emails kept coming until I clicked on
the bottom of that email where it says
"if you prefer notot get promotional emails from ........ just click here", (see image below.)
click that on your EMAIL,to unsubscribe, it seems once they have your email it keeps coming...


  1. I figured it wasn't REALLY sent by you!
    I love polka dots too. Have been acquiring lots of dots for a project....someday.

  2. been on a poka dot kick myself, they seem so happy. and retro. bad emails. stay safe in the poopy NYC weather. :>)

  3. Hi Victoria,

    I was suspicious about the email and didn't open it--luckily I recognized the bumblebeans part as being you and popped over to see what happened. Thanks for the warning!

    I love dots too :)

  4. I figured it was spam, so I deleted it. I still get forwarded "Godly" emails from acquaintances and neighbors, the ones that tell you to send the message to your friends and you will get a blessing...yeah right, what you can get is a computer virus. Not very blessed at all. My husband is a computer nerd by trade and he has me trained to delete anything that looks suspicious. I try to send a separate email to the people who send these things, telling them nicely why I don't respond to them, and some of these people still send them!! Maybe they deleted my request thinking IT was spam!!

    I love polka dots, too!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  5. damn! I was pretty excited about go to the movies! LOL
    I received it but it sounds weird, so I do not open it...

    love your polka dots!!

  6. I somehow thought this one was a spam of sort and deleted it too.

  7. yeah, unfortunately, I ain't OPRAH! Otherwise I would have sent you all plane tickets so we could all SEW AND to the movies together!
    Lot's of luck huh?

    Sorry guys!

  8. OH I c I was wondering after I thanked you:)

  9. I figured it was something like that so I did delete it. Thats so terrible that this kind of stuff happens.

  10. SO glad i came here first to check!

  11. Yep, I got one and deleted it! LOVE the happy spots.

  12. Y'all are much more clever than I. Only after going to the site and found that I needed to enter my credit card, etc. info, did I hit the delete button. DUH! All the while thinking that it was a scan/spam, but then Victoria is oh, so, nice ~ just like Oprah . . . . .And I wanted to go see the King's Speech. Guess I'll have to dig into my fabric money.
    Love the dots, V!

  13. No worries... Free movie tickets didn't sound like you... An offer of free polka dot fat quarters and I would have opened that email in a shot!

  14. Hahaha, Mary don't feel bad, I opened it too. I thought, "OH V. is sending me free tickets??? What a sweetheart!" I'm not too quick on the uptake these days, I think my mind is frozen.

    Do go back an change your password for you email account.

  15. Watching movies takes up valuable quilting time!

  16. My sentiments exactly!
    I am happy that I DIDN'T get offereed any free tickets!
    I too love polka dots big or small. Maybe I should start collecting them for a dotty quilt.

  17. Hi,
    I didn't think u would send junk mail. Have a great day.
    Mary C.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Thanks for the heads up! I thought it was strange when I got the email (not strange that you'd offer us something nice, just strange what was being offered!) and didn't rush to open it. But now I have and did as you instructed and hopefully won't hear from them again.

    Hackers should be buried in snow!!!


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