Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Here's a Block for Tonya's BAH HUMBUG QUILT ... Super duper fun... have you seen it?

 I've been a messy nellie lately... WAY TO MANY PROJECTS at once... 
I need to dive in, and get stuff finished... 
I've been hopping that my IRON thing last week should start perking me up.... 
This last week I've gone to bed even earlier than I usually do... last night I went to be at 8:30! 
and got up at 7am.   night before, I was asleep by 9:30...  I'm usually up til 11... 
Not what I expected....  Hoping that in another week I should l have a bit more energy...

 NEED TO FINISH: My DQS10 quilt... I thought it was done, then decided someone needed
to live on the island,
and of course, then you need a few trees....  I need to applique them, then it will be done.
I think. ;-)

Hop over to KAT's site and follow along on GOOD BLOGGER ETIQUETTE week.
Lot's of good discussions, which I think is very good for people to read....

  MY own rules:

I believe in the old saying, 
"If you don't have anything nice to say, that don't say anything at all... "

Unless they ask for your advice...Don't tell someone how to make their quilts...

Be respectful of that persons' process.... 

If your inspired by something someone else made,  
GIVE CREDIT where credit is due... 

Just because it's friendly thing to do...

I always try to answer comments, if possible. 
If you are a no reply comment, 
and I can't reach you

know that I tried...
Unless if it's giveaway, I can't keep up on all of them... 
(But sometimes I do just because they are so funny sometimes I have to!)


  1. Shucks, you would expect all that iron to have lasted longer wouldn't you? What a drag. But then, if you didn't have this particular affliction, you would blow the rest of us out of the water (off the planet!) with your productivity. It's only fair that we can have a chance at keeping up with you! (Well, maybe not. Life is not meant to be fair I gather.)

    Here's hoping for better days ahead.

  2. Love the BAH!! By they way, after we spoke last night, I went to bed at 9:00!! Maybe it was sympathy kicking in, but I'll tell you it did me a world of good. I hope you had a good night's sleep and that you are more perky today. I love your rules and think they are great ones to abide by!!

  3. Hope you are feeling your mojo again soon! Maybe it's just winter drabs making you feel like going to bed early.

    Thanks for the link to the etiquette discussion, great topic.

    Love the new lady hanging on your design wall . . . can't wait to see what that becomes! ox

  4. Love your BAH!
    Love your island - can I live there?
    Your Blogger's rules for etiquette are great. I would like yo borrow them, with your permission, of course.

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon!
    Thank you for the mention!! I love your rules!
    And oh man oh man oh man I would just die of complete happiness if that dolls quilt made it over here. Please be my partner -pretty pretty pulllease lol...

  6. That is a most emphatic looking BAH! It will look great in tonya's quilt! The magic island is so fun too...that little house looks a super place for a holiday...that is just what you need to perk you up!!

  7. That is a very energetic BAH! I hope your energy picks up soon too!

  8. I love Tonya's quilt. Your block looks fabulous. Hope this treatment lasts and you have months and months of productive sewing with no visits to the infusion lab.

  9. V, one of the best things about this blog is the kind tone of the commentary - thank you for your guidance in that!
    Your emphatic Bah is terrific! hope the spring is back in your step soon!

  10. Hope you will be back to speed very soon. Love the BAH! And thanks for the etiquette lesson. Being fairly new to the blogger thing, I am always wondering if I am behaving correctly.

  11. I LOVE the picture of your "mess". Now I don't feel so bad that this is how my own studio looks most of the time. Rest up, and I hope your energy comes back soon. I feel like a baby lately -- I've had my days and nights mixed up!

  12. I love the DQS10 quilt - the sun and the island are my favourite parts of it.


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