Saturday, January 8, 2011

Empire Quilters Raffle Quilt

We had our guild meeting today, and they wanted us all to pass the word about our raffle quilt.
If you are interested in buying a ticket,  one for $1, 6 for $5 let me know... I have tickets.

One lady at the guild, whom I didn't know, told me 
my BLOG was blog of the week on AQS...
I had no idea... THANK YOU AQS!
It was very nice, I made a new friend out of the experience! 
Don't you just love the quilt community? we all just want to have fun...

Today we had Gloria Hanson give a talk and show her 
Computer design generated quilts...
She talked a bunch about proper sizing your images for submitting to quilt shows...

useful info... then she gave a viewing of a bunch of her quilts and her process.
Someone asked her, her favorite part of quilt making and she said design.

We are up to 184 quilts!  
Can we hit 200 by the end of JANUARY?
(don't forget your chance to win the 
Janome sewing machine! )

Please donate a quilt!

All the info you need is here: 

You can send quilts in anytime, (even after the raffle)  it is an ongoing quilt drive.
thank you! 


  1. Lovely raffle quilt! And congratulations on having your blog recognized by AQS!

    I have a quilt almost ready to send your way!

  2. Give me a V, Give me an I, Give me a C,....What does it spell? VIC...toria! Congrats, Missie!!!! Love, Em

  3. Blog of the Week at AQS!!! Not surprised one bit. I never miss a day.

  4. Congrats on the blog honors. And I plan to be sending quilts your way before the end of Jan.

  5. What an honor. Congratulations. Love love love the raffle quilt. glen

  6. Congratulations on your blog award!!!!

  7. Congrats on the blog a week!
    oh I will send you a check for tickets, will send you an email later...

  8. Your landmark quilt is AMAZING - I love the colors and the stitching!!!

  9. What an ENORMOUS screen behind that woman's head! How big is this guild?


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