Saturday, December 18, 2010

saturday delight

 Auntie's Star:
 Stitched in the ditch and now feathering...   While holding a tissue under my nose...
It seems our party guests brought me a hostess gift of a drippy runny nose... LOL!
All those Holiday smooches... Lots of luck!

I tried really hard to get the quilting done on Friday... But it wasn't mean to be...
Perhaps Monday I can finish... Just needs the last three sides of filler around the swags...
Oh! so close...

My hubby was reading over the book list you all suggested
and he asked that I post his favorites!
(In case you need a good read good for your hubby! )

The Quilter's Book list is in my sidebar, all suggestions by you readers...

Top ten fiction books read in 2010

(In no particular order):

The Storyteller

I have a feeling after Boo see's this, She will want to post her list too...

Happy Weekend!


  1. Your quilts are just gorgeous, victoria - and I enjoy your blog so much!

    I am busy this afternoon locating a box to send two quilts to BASICS... would love to see you reach the goal by New Years Eve!

    Kate (the quilting professor)

  2. The gentle curve of the outer feather is just so charming. I have loved seeing this quilt come together!

  3. lovely colors in the top photos and impressive quilting in the bottom photo.

  4. I vote for you as woman of the year! What I have seen you accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. Bravo

  5. V I think this quilt is my favorite of all of them. The quilting is divine and the colors are so vibrant they shimmer.
    The Auntie's did you piece those sections of the star to get it that big?
    And, let me nominate one for the book list. I just finished "The Book Thief" and loved, loved, loved it.
    One more "and"...let me ditto what mary said ~ ~ Bravo!

  6. Yes, Mary is right! Those are two (more!) of your very special quilts - thanks for sharing them with us, V! And the book list is useful too - Boo's list now, please!!

  7. Victoria, you simply amaze me with the size of your quilts!! Your feathers are looking so wonderful, it's hard to believe that you agonized over them just a few short months ago. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Gotta LOVE a well read family! Tell BOTH Boo and your hubby that they are reading some fabulous books. I had forgotten The of my all time favorites and I believe we have all of Boo's favorites in the bookcase. The kids just aren't ready to let them go yet...Happy weekend to ALL!

  9. I can't believe you are quilting that lovely star as well!! you are having a very productive time. I don't know how you do it with christmas coming up too. The crosses quilt is looking just breathtaking! I am sure you will get it done, no problem now :-)

  10. Well nobody else said it so I will - I was amazed at the first picture - I can't believe you have time to sit by the fire and crochet and still get all of those quilts done! jk of course, I love your blog and your quilts are beauties. especially in love with the red cross quilt with the fab lime green! merry merry to all!


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