Sunday, November 28, 2010

where to start?

 OK, where do I begin?  I haven't blogged in days, and you know I am bubbling over inside! Let's see..
First, off to Seattle For Thanksgiving... it snowed.... It was 55 in NY, and 30 in Seattle, 
but that didn't stop the Rebels from inviting me in for a visit.. 
They had so much Fantastic Show and tell, my head is spinning.... 

This Quilt above was made by Sally, and I just love the quirky sashing fabric... 
To me, if your going to sash, THIS is the way to go. Fabulous! love the scrappy houses!

 LeeAnn, AKA: Nifty, also made a house quilt. And I flipped over the plaid sashing, as I have this same fabric from 10 years ago! she found hers in thrift shop curtains, and mine came from around the corner in one of my funky fabric places! (with ten year old stash!) I love the play on red in the plaid and chimneys...
 Speaking of HOUSES!  There's my HOUSE BLOCKS in Alexis of Quilts of Mimi Park!  I.LOVE.THIS.QUILT. period. the contrast the girlie prints. what a charm!  I also got to meet Megan, who pops up on our comment forms.. no blog.  It's was a joy to meet these ladies... Gosh I was itching to sew!! Alexis brought me a cookbook!  Maybe I will get my cookbook together this year after all!
Curry broccoli soup... yum!

Because she knows I love cookbooks ALMOST as much as I love my quilts...  
And Megan brought me some VERY YUMMY JAM,
which we busted open and ate the next morning! oh so good!

I was a bit spoiled... LeeAnn gave me a whole bunch of goodies, foodies, snacks, 
and Shirtings and some PINK fabric I was salivating over!  
yes, I said pink. PINK!!!
It's as bright as Bazooka Bubble gum.
It makes your teeth hurt just looking at it. and I love it!

 With my family we hit one thrift store, so I really cleaned up there... men's shirts, 50% off... HUGE score...  Our granddaughter, picked out a load too, so I could make HER another quilt for Christmas...with her choices!  Gotta get on that ASAP!  I can't pass up a request like that!
And she would like you to meet Poppy.
Yes, Poppy is a RAT.  and pretty darn Cute too!

And we helped bring these two boys home with her... a white/tan hooded rat, named Starbucks, and the gray one is a dumbo rat... See his BIG pink ears? They named him MAUS!
I know they seem gross, but they were sooo friendly,
and frankly cleaner then our guinea pig...
And this FABULOUS bag was waiting for me when I got home!
THANK YOU MARY!  We did a swap that we planned last summer at my retreat... 
I had a pattern I knew I'd never make, so we swapped!
I sent her this wall hanging below....
I love my bag!! Thanks Mary!  
So glad we're friends! ( and near each other in MN!)

 OK, well, that's it for now... I could load you up with more photos, 
but I need to do my 15 minutes before I hit the hay.
I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

oh! and I nearly forgot, the winner of the HALF YARD of Anna griffin Sierra fabric is:

Congrats Taryn!


  1. My you have been busy! Love the men's shirts, great colors. I'll take your word on the pets . . . not so sure about that. hahaha.

  2. What a great load of shirts! Some beautiful stripes there.

    And those little pets are actually cute, especially the one with the big ears. Never thought I'd say that!

  3. P.S. Beautiful little quilt! Love the bold red with the elegant prints.

  4. Look at those shirts! Boy did you score!

    Rats - yuk! Sorry, but they make me shiver.

  5. Love the quilts...and the shirts...and the rats! But Taryn said it all, really...deserved winner!
    Good to have you back!

  6. What a fun trip! Terrific house quilts. I saved my son's shirts from a trip to the Goodwill. I'm keeping them to add in a quilt...blues/greys. What a fun request from your granddaughter. OK...Poppy is cute and so are her new friends. Welcome Back! You've been missed.

  7. Welcome home! You've been missed!
    Thanks for the great pics ... love, love, love those house quilts ... and the wall hanging ... finally got to see what the sneak preview was.

  8. I like all of the quilts! Looks like you all had a great time.. Love the shirts and the fabrics.. all yummy.. The pets? My friend back in CA had some of these furry ones..cute but not as cute as your granddaughter :)
    Welcome back!

  9. What fun! Those Rebel Houses are fab... and you scooped on shirts! Love the little Kaffe piece too. So glad you enjoyed the quilt & book... I am full of inspiration after our little show & tell!

  10. Happy to hear you had such a wonderful trip! What a thrill to see those house quilts. I really love that quirky sashing and the plaid sashing too. What a score with all those men's shirts. Definitely a fun project to be working on. Welcome home!

  11. What a great trip...that big plaid is wonderful. Why is it I never score on shirts like that? And if I do my Dh talks me out of cutting them up...

  12. Ok I'm pooped just reading all that! LOL Great quilts, fab shirts ... not so sure on the rats ... and the cookbook looks really interesting! Welcome home! Happy sewing!

  13. Love your little quilt for your swap partner. Poppy has to be one of the best looking rats I've ever seen! (I'm sorry, but I think he/she is more handsome than the other two.)

    I have some bright hot pink yardage that I always thought I'd turn into a kid's quilt... I'm wondering now whether you might make better use of it...

  14. I seriously love the men's shirts. LOVE. Not so much with the rat.

  15. great score on the men's shirts. That wall hanging at the end is GORGEOUS!!!! The rats...not my thing, but I agree with you about the guinea pigs. I was able to get rid of ours by telling my kids (many years ago now) that our new little kitten was allergic to them. They liked the kitten more than the guinea pigs so they agreed to let them live at someone else's house. I may burn in hell for the lie, but it was worth it! lol.


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