Saturday, October 23, 2010

sat on my head day

I hope you all got to see the AMAZING moon Friday night....
We were driving to our house Friday eve, and the moon came along with us.
Like that traffic?
 I had just bought a new camera... So I was in heaven trying it out...
Thank you hubby for driving so I could play with my toy.
 Saturday morning I crawled out of bed with screaming headache, 
but still got out my camera...
these were the clouds over my head... 
Or rather, this was the inside of my head all day Saturday....

I walked into my kitchen and found 
THAT, is the color of my next quilt.
 Jenny Egg, wouldn't you agree?
(Doesn't she have the funniest face ever?)

I finished the binding on this 12X12" mini quilt... 
Now I want it KING SIZE. 
The colors are just what I wanted...

Kia would very much like it, if I put my camera away now...

Is it my turn now?

....But not before Boo had a turn with the camera... 
Boy, does my headache feel better...

I think I like my new camera...

Fall has found us... you too?
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love all the faces in this post; especially the kissy-face You and hunny-bunny are just the sweetest, and so is boo, and especially jenny egg. Orange is calling you, yes? If you need any additional orange fabric, just tell me, you know I have orange-overload.

  2. Nothing like a new camera to fire your/our inspiration - beautiful photos, thank you! We had the magnificent moon too...bright as day when walking home from friends late on Friday evening. Unfortunately, I got the headache too...the clouds are a good having your head stuffed with cotton wool...a road drill alongside for good measure...really makes you appreciate life when it goes away! A king sized 'thingy' will be amazing - looking forward to seeing it coming together! I have many shades of orange scraps which you are welcome to, too; if you need them, you're welcome (tho' somehow I doubt that you 'need' scraps!!)

  3. congratulations on your new camera. Fall is a wonderful time to test it out. Great shots. I agree, the colors in the wonderful mini quilt are calling to be expanded upon!

    And of course my favorites are the dogs.

  4. Love the fall shots. Tell us about the camera please as I'll be getting one for a Christmas gift. B is beautiful.

  5. You may have had a headache, but a beautiful weekend. It helps to have a fun, new toy to play with.

    The harvest moon is always by favorite. It looks like you could almost touch it. In my memory it is always even bigger and oranger. in your future. Look for a surprise.


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed the pics from your new camera....and those dogs, just adorable!
    Your daughter is so beautiful.

  7. I have been watching the moon the last few nights when I take the dogs our for their nightly pitstop. I love watching it grow. The pics with your new camera are great. The dogs are precious but not as precious as that daughter of yours. Enjoy her she will be grown and gone before you know it.

  8. What great photos! It's so fun to see your beautiful family, including the puppies.
    Can't wait to see that orange quilt:)

  9. Funny you mentioned that moon. I got out of my car around 10pm last Wednesday and turned around and there it was! I felt a bit like I'd wound up in the Truman movie and just reached the end of the "world." Like if I'd walked to the edge of the parking lot I could reach up and touch it.

  10. Hope you feel better with all those lovely faces around you (and a new camera)!
    Maybe I can help and add a smile:
    6 quilts completed, washed and getting packed for BASICS.
    Have a look:

  11. I adore Jenny Egg!!! Great to see such camera fun.

  12. What was it about Sturday? I had a screaming headache all day too. Still have it, as a matter of fact, but it's down to a dull roar now.

    We had way too much cloud cover (and rain) to be able to see the moon last night. Thanks for the pix. Looks like it was lovely :- )

    Jennie Egg is the cutest. Part Schnauzer? And is Kia a Cavalier?

  13. Such darling photos of your lovely family. Jenny-egg's little face reminds me of a pansy flower :D

  14. That moon was beautiful, wasn't it? I wish it would last longer! Looks like you were all set for a great weekend - hope your head feels better! Love all the pics of the silly dogs and B and your special hubby! They sure make our world go round, don't they.

  15. Loving the camera and the fun it will bring (but not the headache) :) Ciao

  16. Wow! Nice pictures! Your daughter is so beautiful and I love the one with you and your sweetie...Boo has skills behind the camera as well!

    I agree with you...that is the most awesome shade of orange EVER!

    I hope the head is better!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  17. Gorgeous pictures! I'm curious to know what kind of camera and lens did you get?

    That full moon was spectacular. We were camping by a lake and the full moon shone gorgeous moonbeams on the water. It was really spectacular.

  18. Yay!! What great pictures your new camera takes!! Love the one of Boo and you and Michael... Great shots!

  19. What a gorgeous picture of B. She's growing up too fast! Congrats on the new camera. I need one so badly, but I won't splurge yet.

  20. Aahh V what a fabulous post (and I hope you are feeling better after all these glorious pics). Fabulous new camera. Thanks for the info about the quilts, I still have not got mine ready to send and thought I was too late, but now I know that I can still get one over there...hopefully soon! We have finally had spring find us over here! xo


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