Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before & After

  Well, My studio may not be totally clean yet, 
but the rest of my loft is getting there!

I snuck a bit of sewing in today, as I need this baby quilt done tomorrow...
Just need to sit and do the binding...


The floor is scrubbed, and the rug and pieces put into place...
Yes, the rug says LIES...  I had it made back when I had an exhibition of my photographs, and it went with theme at the time... Now we have a place to use it!  I love the bright colors. 
Since we do not have a guest room, this area is going to magically become 
a guest room...

See those pipes up above, for the sprinkler system?
We're having a fabric tent made that will hang from them to give  us an instant
guest room when we need it...

At least it will give some privacy, since we do no have curtains on our windows....
I think I have a few takers already for this room...
Do I need to make a list?

Shelly? Linda? Rene?

I've played a bit more yesterday on Ragamuffin, as a few more blocks came in...
I need to add about three more inches to the right side, and I will be ready to sew it all together...  
Extra blocks that I have, will also be used on the back... 
The plan is to use everything that was sent to me... 
so if you don't see your block there, it will be on the other side...
It is a  KING SIZE quilt.

Gotta run to do that binding! 
Happy Sewing!


  1. Your room looks fabulous and I love the rug!
    The quilt will be done before you know it.

  2. Add me to the list - what a great space!

  3. Me! Definitely add me (and DD), but not yet! I'd love to sleep in that room.

    The carpet is wonderful.

    It looks very very spacious.

  4. I LOVE the rug! The quilt is looking great too. I am really enjoying the progress update on your loft.

  5. Love the baby quilt (perfect for an ex-pat in Japan!)...and the space!! And what an ingeneous idea for your guest room!

  6. My room looks GREAT! I can't wait to come stay in it! Yipee!!!
    Luv the pinwheels. The pieced border is fabulous! Happy sewing my friend!

  7. I think you could host a retreat in that room... Looks bigger than our place! The entire place!

  8. Ooooh!!Don't get too neat and tidy or you'll tempt the sewing fairies to turn you into a straight line sewer.
    Everything looks great to me. I probably couldn't even work in a too neat space. However, you have found so much stuff that was hidden away and, sigh, think about finishing.

  9. What is the painting/photo hanging on the right side of the guest room? It looks very of yours?

    Love your loft - soon to appear in Architectural Digest!! Congrats!

  10. Wow what a great room. The rug is great. Where those childrens dress forms I saw in the pool table shot?

  11. The room turned out great and I love the quilt! What an amazing compilation of blocks!

  12. Phew! You're a machine! Well done on getting the loft sorted - so much space. Love the lift the colour of the rug gives. And yes, I could soooo come and stay (teehee). Loving the playing with the quilt, it's like a giant puzzle isn't it? Ciao

  13. Now that I look at it all again, what about a pale green or light blue like in that center block for binding?

    And who wouldn't want to stay in your casbah loft?

  14. Love, Love, Love the after!! One question, where on earth is the pool table?

  15. I want to come and chat with you on the rug! I love the crosses, we have them everywhere in our home and I love the energy! The quilt is unbelivable!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow, what a cool transformation! I love the new look. That rug is really awesome - you made that?! Very cool!

  17. me! Doris is right, you could hold a retreat in there now! And another thought springs to mind, how are you going to stop me staying up all night sewing! LOL It looks fabulous V! Been a busy work week, with little sewing happening :(

  18. your studio looks amazing!!! oh and the Ragamuffin is fabulous!

  19. V, I will volunteer to be the first one to use your guest room ;-) This is what I get for being so behind on my blog reading....I should have booked my son's NYU college visit during your modern quilt guild meeting!

  20. Your studio is amazing!! I think I could put my whole house inside it!
    And wow - Ragamuffin is going to be beautiful!


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