Saturday, August 14, 2010

a day without sewing.

The Star Splitter

It look like I got a ton done on this today doesn't it?
fooled ya. It was a sewing hooky day...
well sort of... I did this a couple days ago before
a migraine knocked me off my feet yesterday...

Actually, the day was spent with
Jackie, from Canton Village Quilt works!
She and her hubby and some friends brought
me another load of the BASICS quilts..

I took these tonight quick, so the pics aren't great... but you get the idea...
They fill my lawn with patchwork FABULOUS!

Recognize any of your blocks in there?
This batch had a bunch of baby quilts...
so so cute...

We, (my hubby , B and I) took them to the Montauk Lighthouse...
Of course, I didn't bring my
camera, but I am sure Jackie will have some great pics to share...

Thank goodness for my iphone..
the beach was fabulous. surfers, boats, and lots of people..

I'm sneaking off for a few days to play with another quilter pal...
be back soon!


  1. I finally decided to make a charity quilt for the basics quilt gather. I wanted to from the very beginning, but had committed to too many things. A friend said she could wait, so I am through cutting and have pieced the center - a 40 x 60 rectangle and have begun the piano key borders. I have two of the four sets of strips sewn and will finish sewing tomorrow and then cut again. I have a church committment that will take up about 8 hours tomorrow so I will probably quilt it on Monday. I am so happy to be able to do this. This is one of the reasons I wanted to learn to quilt.

  2. Love your Star Splitters and your fantastic patchwork lawn. Jackie rocks and so do you and all of the wonderful people contributing to Basic Housing.

  3. I so love those borders around your Star Splitters quilt! Sorry to hear about your migraines. I used to get them often until I had my first child. Now I get headaches of another variety...

  4. She made a lot of wonderful quilts.
    I haven't been to montauk in years. My grandparents lived in Amagansett and I had more relatives in Springs. Loved spending my summers there.


  5. Oooh! That star splitter is fabulous - so are the Basics ones too - sprcial in a differnt way! You have my sympathy with the migraines...just awful!

  6. I love the informal beach love of you and your daughter, so fun to hang with our little ones, isn't it? Something so simple and yummy about moments on the beach! And the quilts are amazing, they look like postcards!!!


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