Saturday, June 5, 2010

what a day

In one week, B and I will be on the road ....
Last fall, I organized a quilting retreat in MN, and we will drive out
to meet up with 10 Blog Quilters for three glorious days of sewing our brains out!

Shelly S, Shelly P , Andrea , Mary , Doris, Amanda,
Toni, Terri , Rene , Heather and myself.

If any of you are heading to the MN Quilt Show,
send me a email. We will be there too!

So, in preparing for that...
(Besides, packing, packing and packing!
what on earth shall I bring, perhaps just a large bin of scraps!)

I have two projects I need to finish before I leave.
two gifts, that I can only show you peaks at! (above and below)
fun little inspiring projects for two fab pals...

I may try to set up a retreat again for 2011,
if anyone in the Midwest area is interested for next year...
Let me know...

maybe even a New York one! Ooh that would be fun!


I got these two beauties in the mail this past week...
ebay... ;-)

scrappy scrappy fabulous...

These kind of quilts me me so happy.... Why do I do anything else??
yes, it's fun to play but ultimately a good scrappy quilt makes my heart sing!
time to hit the scrap bins...

Is there a type of quilt that makes your heart sing?

My Jenny Egg. She is a very goofy, nervous. little gal... I sit at my computer desk,
she sits underneath... Instead of chasing her ball, well, she sits down on the job...
gotta love her!


  1. Ohhh, love your scrappy quilts,they are my most favorite quilt style to make. I do other kinds,but a scrappy makes my heart sing too.

    Have a good trip and fun at your retreat.

    : )

  2. 1. I'm jealous. A quilt retreat? fun.
    2. You're the scrap queen!! YOu'll make something wonderful out of whatever you have!
    3. Love those ebay quilts!

  3. I haven't made a scrappy quilt yet but it looks fun! :) For me the quilts that make my heart sing are the ones I see finally getting put together...sewing the rows together and the quilt starts to take shape! ahhh...

    Have a great trip! Look forward to hearing about it!

  4. Yes, what a day! I love the two finishes you shared - gorgeous! I can't wait to sew my brains out with this great bunch of gals!

  5. I love peeking!
    Beautiful stitching!
    Quilts where I have used something old and something new. A used clothing of my family members mixed with emotions and memories of time spent together!
    That's what makes my heart sing:)
    Have fun at your retreat.

  6. Pets are the best. They love us unconditionally and we love them back. Wonderful ebay finds. A quilting retreat would be fabulous!!!

  7. Hi,
    I like any quilt made with love. I especially like churn dashes, shoo flies and stars. Have a super weekend.

  8. I also love red and white quilts.

  9. Hooked on scrap quilts....I once made a string quilt with just scraps that fell on the floor from other projects. Made it for charity, but I simply cannot part with it. Still feeling guilty about that.

  10. Have a wonderful trip with B. Sounds like fun.

  11. Scrappy sings to me too! Have fun on your retreat. I'm giddy to be able to get the deets from Rene'. You guys will have a blast and we'll all get to benefit. Isn't blogland the best? Lots of pictures everyone! I vote NYC for a retreat!

  12. Your gifties are coming along beautifully!!
    Another retreat next year - oh ya!

  13. I love scrappy quilts too, but have never really felt I could make one. I always seem to stick to one fabric range for each quilt, which definately gets a bit boring. I want to stretch myself, but confidence is a bit of a problem...

  14. Amaaaaaaaaazing top photograph, such rich colours! I want to see the quilt!

    Happy journeys


  15. whee, that retreat sounds like fun! love those ebay quilts. definitely the kinds of quilts that make my heart sing!

  16. Hey V, Your quilting looks wonderful! I have no doubt that it will be loved and appreciated. Are your ebay finds tops? I'll be seeing you very soon! Yipee! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  17. I am new to quilting and just found your blog. I love the kitchen sink quilt so much! I so identify with you on using scraps. It's always been my favorite way of working, whether it's been in my weaving, knitting, or how I spin my own yarns. It's like working a great puzzle, rather than the predictability of knowing ahead of time how something will turn out. Thanks for furthering my own inspiration. Have a great retreat!

  18. WOW, the color and the texture on this blog is amazing! Did you hand stitch those lines on there with perle cotton? It is so beautiful and effective and fun! Wish we lived closer!

  19. I'm completely jealous that all of you quilters get to spend time together! Have fun:)

  20. She's adorable, what a sweet fact! I love scrappy quilts, too!

  21. Scrappy does it for me every time! Love the pic of Jenny-Egg, bless her. Have a wonderful time on the retreat, with B, I would love to see what she makes XX

  22. Well...Wah...Wah...Shelly's in Texas and I'm in come she's comin' and I'm not...huh?..huh?
    ....sigh...I'm always the last to know!!

  23. Usually whatever I am currently working on makes my heart sing but the current one really does.

  24. I'm trying to catch up on some blog reading. Love all the goodies you've been working on. Have a safe trip and I'll see you soon! Can't believe it's almost here! I am sooooo ready...well mentally I'm ready...still have lots to do to really be ready ;-)


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