Wednesday, June 2, 2010

this, that, and the other...

5 more BASICS quilt tops done, ready for quilting... That puts me at 25 quilts...
I usually make about that in a year!
See how helpful you guys are, sending those pre cut
squares, backings and bindings!!!
Barbara S., yes, I have TWO Barbara's (Barbara S. and Barbara A.)
who keep sending me Blocks and backings and quilts tops!

She sent me these pre made blocks, of three different patterns,
that I just had to lay out into a pattern that worked...
These were a challenge as they were so busy.

But I got a thumbs up approval from my daughter, so I think It will work!

Makes this very easy to finish a lot!

Thank you to EVERYONE
who has contributed! I have 15 more to go,
so I will be ready for 20 quilts each for two fundraisers in the fall...

My mother helped piece a bunch, also, then sent them to me to
select house
blocks to insert...
pheew. Thanks mom!

Then I took a break today to work on my way over due,
Liberated challenge quilt with Tonya...
I had the letters done previously and didn't like them.
I wanted the letters to reflect more the style of angles in the center of the quilt...
So today, I re-cut all the letters... I also wanted it less obvious to read... so I wrapped them
around the square, so that it reads more as a part of the quilt, then you discover the letters...
And I ran out of NAVY BLUE for the second time...

I'm thinking that's a sign, maybe it needs something other
than NAVY for the outer border...
I may even put it on point... just to be difficult...!!
We'll see.. I'm still playing...

I rcvd all my furniture back from the upholsterer... Remember this post?
Where is used all my fabric samples to make a pillow out of them? Well,
This is what I did... I was so tired of Neutral...
so I wanted to pull out all
the different colors out of my rug.
But also didn't want to go to DARK
as my floors
so I went slightly purple instead of navy...
I'm pleased with it. It's a little funky... funky is good...
Not crazy about all matchy match!
And all for a bargain price on those fabrics! yippee!

By the way,
If anyone knows who the maker of the tea cups is in the last post...
I want to get the teapots!!!
I can't find them anywhere...

Here are the tea cups and teapots, from Holland


  1. I love your Liberated quilt! I like the center and the letters style...and the motto is just perfect!

  2. Makes me wish my sweetie didn't care about decorating...he'd never say "okay" to those colors in the living room, but I adore them! Looks awesome, V!

    Finally got back to Shelly today about St. Cloud...not sure yet if our ride share will work but i offered my sofa to crash on if she wants it...TWO WEEKS!!!!

  3. Way to go on the Basics quilts! I am picking up a spare machine from a guild member this evening, and I can't wait to sew again! My first stop will be my scrap bag from Janet...

  4. The quilts are glorious, the room is beautiful and full of color however, I can not help you find the teapots.
    Sorry. Hope someone else has seen them.

  5. I think you're deserving of a Lifetime Achievement Award for charity quilt making! Love that first quilt with the angled houses.

  6. Hey V, Luv the liberated challenge quilt! What's not to love about red and blue? I can't believe you have made as many Basics quilts as you have! You Rock! Have a fabulous evening! Happy sewing!

    p.s. Luv the chairs! Is that fabric Benartex (maybe)?

  7. I think your teacups are Lakehouse Dry Goods by Holly Holderman. It's called Teatime Florals and there is 1,2, and 3.

    LOVE the quilt...pretty fabulous!

  8. I love what you did with the -no doubt- busy blocks! So glad they found a new life in a BASIC quilt! And a thank you for the design approval by your daughter - great job!
    Well, now if I could finish 25 quilts...
    Nice & funky job on your furniture!

  9. I just love your blog and work!

  10. Your liberated quilt is awesome! Congrats on the furniture too!

  11. I love your LibAm quilt.

    I've just had a thought. If I pieced my top together, would you quilt it? In fact if we did it this way I could send you 2 tops.

  12. The 1st house quilt on this post is just STUNNING! I love it!! The "busy" worked! ;)

    What a great accomplishment! :)

  13. I'd vote thumbs up too on that first Basics quilt! You make amazing out of chaos.
    Like your newly upholstered furniture too.
    I teased Shelly about keeping notes so she can give MY blog a mini makeover. Her's looks great.

  14. Ok....first...stop it with all the cute new blog headers!!!
    Love all the great charity get a hundred bazillion gazillion gold stars girl!!
    I myself have NO furniture in my room right now....uhg...the hunt is on and quiet opposite of you I am wanting cream/white....NOT to be found here in ole TEXAS!!!


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