Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rain rain go away

We drove 15 hours on Saturday and then we only had 6 to drive on Sunday!
Pretty much the whole drive we had cloudy gloomy weather... And it
still rains!!!
Supposedly tomorrow is going to be lovely... Fingers crossed!

I wanted to show you the two quilts I picked up when I met Linda in
Ohio... But I can't, of course, lay them out when we have skies like

We're off to take a little excursion down to Walnut Grove today....
Since B watched the whole second season of little house on the prarie
on the way here, we thought it would be fun to go the the museum...
Then we'll loop over to Minneapolis tonight, and pick up Shelly from
the airport tomorrow! I'm ready to sew...
Sitting in a car that long you get BIG IDEAS!

Happy sewing!!!


  1. Walnut Grove sounds like fun! Has B read the books? I still go back and read them occasionally:)
    By the way, I'll trade you the rain for the sauna we have here in TN:(

  2. I had to smile at that last bit there....I'm forever getting ideas in the car!! NOT the place to put those ideas into practice though, is it?

  3. Yes rain please go away! It's been raining in Madison for six days in a row now. Of course, the sun will prolly shine when we're indoors next weekend at retreat. Enjoy the museum - sounds fun!

  4. i was wondering how you made such good time...15 hours on the first day explains it! my friend told me she heard that it rained 14 out of 15 days in June so far. no WONDER my kids are driving me crazy! i can't wait to sew with you!!!!!!

  5. Hi, I just read where you got a Featherweight. I got one off Craigs list last Novemeber and have not sewn on anything else since. Most important thing I can tell you is to oil regularly like even everyday if you sew with it everyday like I do. It says to do so in the manuel and I took it as words from God.

  6. I get some of my best ideas on long car trips. It's almost as good as taking a shower! I once took a shower just because I needed a quilt idea, and it worked!

  7. It's forecast to be beautiful this weekend. Maybe we'll move our machines or hand sewing circle outside!!


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