Tuesday, June 22, 2010


It's less weedy on the otherside of the lake... Heather was kind
enough to let us go swim at her dock... It's HOT hot hot, 8pm and
we're enjoying a good canonball off the dock....
Thanks heather!!


  1. Looks so fun! Love the sun setting in the background.

  2. Summertime is the the greatest, and enjoying it with my kids makes it that much more special. Looks like you are enjoying yours, too!

  3. It was truly gorgeous out tonight... Once we got back from the dip in the lake we jumped into the pool at 9pm.... With the big moon glowing up over the lake... Fabulous.

    A great summer mama daughter day.

  4. Great photo! It's the epitome of summer. So glad you and B had a great day at e lake.

  5. I sooooo remember that feeling! Thanks for bringing it back for me.

  6. Such fun with B.
    Oh the moon is making shimmers on the lake - I didn't notice until you mentioned it.


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