Wednesday, June 30, 2010



After 13 hours of driving yesterday. (Chicago to NY)
and the 10 hours the day before that~(central MN TO CHICAGO)

I am putting my feet up for a bit today...
~~~~~~~I'm home!!!~~~~~~~~

(i got my little rug done while at the cabin! Isn't it darling?
I have to make another... it was so fun!)

Well, only for today and tomorrow.
Then I am off to my house on long island for the summer....
besides... my loft looks like this right now!

All packed up, and wrapped in plastic!
No, we're not moving, just getting a long over due paint job and some nice built ins...

Now that everything is off the walls, and packed up, I can see that it's time to spruce things up a bit and make a few changes.... after 11 years, it's time to change things up.

I have so many great pictures to show you from our retreat. But my camera cord is packed somewhere I can't get to it right now...
so it's just me and my iphone...

We stopped in Cleveland to see Linda again on the way back... She quilted this
"not so old, ebay quilt top" of mine, for me to pick up... Isn't it fun?

And lastly, the other fun part of coming home,
is the
packages that have arrived that
You forgot about!

from Basics fabric donations!
by the way we just raffled off 2 $50 gift certificates...
if you are able to send a donation quilt in to Basics, you will go into the 75 quilt raffle.
And don't you want a chance to win a sewing machine??

we need 200 quilts before I can give that away! we need baby quilts too...
so whip up a few and send them on their way!

to Fabrics,
this big stack is for two commission kids quilts...
Flowers and horses.. how cute and fun it will be to work on these!
(this does not include all the fabrics that came home from GRUBER'S at the retreat!) ;-)

to Books!
Here are my three latest...

The Journey of HOPE is the Obama quilts made...
The cover quilt is made by Sherry Shine, a member of our modern quilt guild...
She has several in the book, and we are so proud of her... It's a lovely book of
incredible inspiration... Fun to look through and tons of talent...

the second book, FABRIC PHOTO PLAY
is by Julia Wood. (click for her blog)
She was a part of our SAY CHEESE project. A great book
to look through and get a handle on a new technique.

And the third "CROCHET MOTIFS"
is some inspiration for getting myself to crochet a bit more...
It maybe time for me to learn a few more stitches...
and use up the
I found while cleaning my studio...

(I'm hooked. hehe)

oh, it's good to be home!


  1. Welcome home! Glad hear you're back! Have a great day!

    Cute ebay quilt!

  2. There IS no place like home. Glad you got back safe. That loft update will be so fun.
    Sounds like the Basic quilts are rolling in. Do you need any more backing for the house quilts? Otherwise I am going to try a whole cloth quilt for them.

  3. You got my book!!!! I'm so excited! Lots of love, Julia

  4. It's so nice to come home. That is always the best part of being away for me.


  5. I bet your feet weren't up for long! I imagine they're under the table pushing a little pedal right now! ;)

  6. Its always great to get away, but great to be home too even if there is overhauling to be done. Sent you a couple of emails re what I'm doing and about my messed up blog, but I don't think you got them. Am trying to correct the blog, I think I messed it up royallty, my specialty. Please try again and I will reply and see if the email is OK, then on to the blog.

  7. wow! You have been BUSY! I love the ebay quilt here! very fun to look at and some of your quilt stashes are pretty! Nice article about the basic home!

  8. Welcome back, V! I love the rug; no hat-look-alike this time.-)

  9. Welcome home! That is a lot of driving... I did a 6 hour trip home yesterday from the Oregon coast and that was plenty. Have fun settling back in to the east coast... looks like you have lots of goodies to keep you busy!

  10. Glad to hear you made it back home! Love that new rug you made. I bet you're already looking forward to the rest of summer at your house, since your loft is in a bit of disarray with the work being done. Enjoy playing with your new books!

  11. I fear my rear would have fallen asleep!!! Glad you're home safe and sound. Love the rug. WOW, I didn't know you'd already made it to 50 quilts.

  12. Welcome back! Lovely little rug.

  13. You've been busy! That article about you was great.

    I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and get some relaxation!!!

  14. Yeah, a great article! Home is great, but I envy you the travelling. I wish I could get away for little while! Let me know about that crochet book. I need to get my crochet hooks out, too.

  15. I have to get the Obama book! Crochet Motifs is a good one- lots of different motifs. I hate it when a book repeats too much, this one does not.

  16. hi v,
    they sent me a copy of the's so great to see the quilt there and all the great work you have done. congrats!! one person can make such a difference.

  17. i LOVE the rug! it's fun! and i'm glad you are home safe and sound. i bet it feels great to be back home after so long.

    oh, i LOVE that quilt, too. it's a beauty!


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