Tuesday, June 8, 2010

check, check, and check.

I rcvd my piece from Sujata today! I'm blown over at her thought process.
She sent me the nicest note explaining her process, and influences...
my garden, living in NYC, going to MN, the lakes, fishing etc... I 'm very touched by her thoughtfulness... I love it.
Sujata did a neat post about putting the quilt together... go see.

Sujata also rcvd her piece today! So I can now show you!
It was fun to work on... A bright cheery house block that she sent me initially,
I had to find a way to spice it up! I know if we ever met, she'd have this sunny disposition.
with a little zest! Hope she likes it too!

Goal for today:
Getting things off my list....

My liberated Amish challenge quilt is basted and ready for quilting! (check!)
Procrastination no more!
I plan on taking it with me to MN to work on....
I am quite pleased that I persevered and didn't rush the quilt...and let it speak to me..
The letters gave me to most trouble until I knew exactly what I wanted...
to find a balance in the form of the letters that reflected
the patterns in the quilt design itself...
I really love the backing piece too. It was meant to be!

I always forget to post, FiNiShEd quilts...
I figure you're so tired of seeing the tops in progress,
by the time I get them done, that you won't care to see
it with the binding on...

I was told by a few of you that was not the case, to
alas, my Kitchen sink quilt is DONE.( CHECK)
I just finished the binding today.

Hat vs. Rug...
I worked on this a little last night and this morning...
The extra stitches a few of you suggested did the trick! It's a RUG!
I will put this big purple border around it and call it quits... fun!
not much more to do... (almost a check)

I made one more of my Sunset blocks today. (check) I now have 20...
5 more to go...

You may wonder how on earth I get all this done today!
the trick is, I haven't eaten in over 24 hours, and I did not sleep well last night,
as I am having some more tests done today,
(due to my iron thing, which is why I haven't been able to eat- 28 hours of no eating)
so all I had to do today, was SIT on my behind,
and finish odds and ends...
So this quilt gets put into the "BRING TO THE HOUSE"
box for my summer projects... I'm sifting through all my started projects
to take to my house to finish up this summer, along with a few more basics quilts...
(you know I have enough of those to work on all summer, and perhaps the rest of the year)

hmmm, let's see, it's 2:05, in 2 hours and ten minutes I will finally get to eat...

Before I have THAT distraction,
what else can I tackle to day, on my butt, watching TV...

are you checking things off your list today?
or adding?


  1. I am impressed by all the stuff you have been doing without food and sleep and love all the bright and happy colours you use in your work! I wish I was checking things off the list too, but I'm afraid I'm only adding to it as I have spent all my free time today transfering stuff from an old phone to a new. Boring and nothing creative (or fun) about it.-). Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
    Hope your tests worked out!

  2. It is amazing all the things you get done! I am truly in awe! Lovely post. Love your kitchen sink quilt and can not wait to see your liberated Amish quilt finished.
    I had the best experience with this swap! Love my quilt because I can feel the happiness jumping out of it!

  3. Whooaaah, you've been busy burning the candle at both ends! Love the kitchen sink quilt, and espcially love to see them when they are done :) Your liberated amish is wonderful, and the backing, well, what can I say, its fab! Hope you've managed to eat, sorry to have punished you with chocolate cake, should I send some over? LOL eat and sleep well :)

  4. I hope the blood work produces some positive results for you. Take care:)

  5. Wow, what a list! I hope all goes well with the tests, and you get to enjoy a nice meal- steak perhaps? You have so many beautiful & inspiring projects... I am putting together a check list of my own today as well! I seem to keep adding to it faster than I can check things off of it, though!

  6. Fun quilts! hooray for the kitchen sink quilt finish...and the liberated Amish is great! great! great! Little peeks and teases in your other posts...just keep us coming back for more, huh? ;)

  7. wow wow WOW! I am veging on the computer watching Rachel and thinking about finishing quilting one of the graduation quilts...I have a week. OK I'd better get on it. Good luck on your test, your iron and your SLEEP!!!

  8. your house blocks are so adorable...

    adding to my list...just went to my local quilt guild meeting. I feel so inspired!! :)

  9. I goofed and watched the National news yesterday and today and wow, what a downer. Tonight I got out of bed kind of overwhelmed at what I had seen and I quickly came to my favorite blog for creativity, color and a lovely author. Thank you, now I feel better!

  10. I'll be thinking about you and hoping you get answers from your tests. I hope you get to eat soon and something delicious, too. At least all of the beautiful colors and fabrics must have been a good distraction!

  11. Your basting pins are so close together. No wonder you get such smooth results. There is a lesson in this for me, and a trip to get more basting pins.

  12. Good luck with the tests!
    PS You have to share the entire finished quilt, please, not just a snippet like that.

  13. wonderful quilts that you and Sujata made. Kitchen Sink is one of my favorite quilts ever - congrats on the final touches. So sorry about the not eating thing. When I have to do that I just get cranky and hand quilt - can't even think about doing something that takes dexterity. hope you get some good solid information from the test results. good luck!

  14. Thinking of you! Hope you get some good info on your tests soon!

  15. What wonderful house quilts! And good for you making good use of your no eating/no sleeping time. All of your projects are so different and fun - I just love them!

  16. Those sunset blocks are fantastic. I just LOVE the colours, as well as the block design. I CANNOT WAIT to see the blocks pieced together. It's going to be beautiful.

  17. I hope you made it through your tests and figured out a way to help you.
    The positive side is how much you got accomplished!! I love the liberated blocks especially.

  18. Very impressive. The cute houses are adorable. I also like your vibrant color choices.


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