Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bee blocks

I did get my bee blocks done at the retreat as well... I've had them
in their envelopes to mail... Sorry they are all wrinkly now! No use
for an iron at my tiny cabin!! :-)

I will get them mailed off today...

We've had just the craziest weather here... Hot, muggy, cloudy, rainy
and tornadoes.... Fun!

It can be icky out all day, then around 8pm it gets beautiful outside
and we all run to the lake or the pool for a quick swim... We head
back to NYC Tuesday...

Time flies.


  1. Glad you guys are safe from the crazy weather! We've got three graduation parties today - hope the rain holds off.

  2. passes too quickly! I was jazzed to find that the resort we visited in MN. is on FaceBook! Yay...I got to look at all the pics and memories came flooding back. Loved it there (except for the skeeters)...hey, do you have skeeters in Manhattan?


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