Monday, May 17, 2010

Somethiing old is new

I've had this old quilt top laying in a box that I picked up in an antique shop sometime ago.
I love 9 patches, even though this was a bit dull, and A little short for a bed, although the width was perfect..

I wanted to brighten it up a little,
and make it fit a twin size bed properly, so I took it apart...

And without changing it up to drastically,
I added in some color...

Found the perfect backing and binding...
I love stripes, even more than polka dots!

And am ready to lay this one out to pin baste & quilt...
It's also right up my daughters alley on colors...
perhaps she'll be fighting me for it!


  1. Good job giving that little top some much needed "zip". I hope B enjoys it. (Tell her the only thing that would make it better is some pink.) Happy sewing today, my friend!

  2. What a way to take something old and make it new.

  3. Hi V, I have always love nine-patch blocks. It looks great after you take them apart and added new fabric. It gives some modern look! Love it~

  4. I like the way you dressed up the nine patches! Great fabrics you added there. The additions give it a lovely look while still keeping some antique feel ;-)

  5. Nicely done! :) I like it! :)

  6. Now that's better! I Love the back! Happy quilting!

  7. Really like the variation in widths you used for the strips you added...a little zing to the quilt! ('s an art term!)

  8. I love this quilt - both before and after - but especially after!

  9. Now that's an original idea! An old bunch of orphan blocks find a new home

  10. Nine patches are always fabulous! You really added some pizazz to it.

  11. Hi V,
    I love it. U always have such incredible ideas.

  12. Ooohh nice! What a great way to salvage that beautiful old quilt without changing it too much. Looking forward to seeing it all finished!

  13. I like the way you managed to breathe new life into the original.
    You're such a clever gal. :o)


  14. Love it! (say this in a lilting voice with emphasis on "love" and in a high pitched voice.....good thing this is not a vocal blog cause I can't sing worth a hoot!

  15. you amaze me! the quilt has new life. it's wonderful!

  16. Great transition. Retains the flavor but spices it up. First day that felt like summer and spent day in garden, with more to go. We'll see how much quilting gets done. BB

  17. Ah, Victoria, what a simple solution! Looks great.

    And I love the $9/yd story.

  18. cool idea! I like what you have done with it, definitely peps it up!


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