Tuesday, April 13, 2010

two a day...

two a day...
I've bend trying to do two blocks for this a day... sometimes I make it sometimes I don't...
Having this quilt and the Hawaiian sunset quilt going at the same time,

I find, since these are not normal quilts for me to make,
I gotta keep doing something that makes me THINK less...

I've have some big projects to do lately, and feel I've gotten away from
doing what I love to do...
throwing things up and trying new things all at the same time...
I have a few little fun things, but nothing to serious...

So I turned my 15 minutes a day to something else...

To funny huh? scary, yes, but I did this very quickly, and it makes me laugh,
so that makes it all worth it...

You can play along too, if you want.
We're just getting started over here...

And a little laughter and fun,
makes getting through a BIG applique job,
much easier...
day by day, a little at a time...It's a great lesson in patience....

happy playing!


  1. your portrait looks fantastic and the say cheese site looks really neat, will definitely keep up on that!

    i love your blocks...and the green pink flying geese are so neat..may need some for myself.

  2. Wow Victoria you did your portrait FAST! It is awesome!!! Wow again!

  3. Loving the hair fabric and the big flower background. I think you did capture yourself very well...and I don't mean scary! I think it's fantastic.

  4. Wow! You've been busy! Every thing, of course is great! I'm especially with the way you did your eyes. Your portrait looks fantastic! You rock! Happy sewing, my friend!

  5. Great portrait. Loved the photo of you on your bike. You look sooo COOL!!!

    When I got my Porsche, I got pictures of me in front of it. I just looked silly. oh well

    ttfn :) Yuki

  6. AWESOME portrait! If I tried that, I'm not sure my portrait would even make me look human!

  7. You are having fun. I am so jealous. Two a day is progress, but I'm doing none a day right now. Patience, patience.

  8. I love your self portrait! really fun.
    The new blocks are pretty - what is there name?


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