Wednesday, April 7, 2010

this and that

I Finished this little goodie last night... ;-)
gotta get it in the post now... it was fun to put this together!
I love making things that fit a person specifically!
Hope she likes it...
(hope you're not reading my blog!)
Todays' 15 minutes....
I try to take 15 minutes everyday to do something for myself.
(on top of all the other stuff I have going here)
Keeps me sane...

My trusty cotton purse...(on the left) new on the right)

I made the little purse on the left about 8 or 9 years ago.
I am always on the hunt for the PERFECT NYC bag.

When you walk a lot in NYC, if your a mother,
you always need one hand free and the other to latch onto your child...
So having a purse in one hand usually doesn't work...

because you may have a lunch bag, backpack of groceries
that also needs to be carried...

I can NEVER find a long strapped SMALL, easy access bag and that is not to heavy...
So my little cotton bag was born.
I love ot take it to the beach and everywhere else.. packs easy for trips etc,

But sometimes you want something a little snazzier...

SO today, with my
15 MINUTES for me, I picked out a piece of washed out stone gray leather
at one of the local shops in my hood. (matches my hair!)

one piece cost me $45 dollars, I came home, copied my favorite little bag and
added a pocket for my Metro card(subway pass)
(which you are always searching for...)
got out some snazzy red for trim, cute huh?
got out some purse handles that I had previously bought
and made a second hand bag!

Not bad for $45!

Got two more BASICS tops put together..., or nearly...
Obviously these two will be great for kids!

And Thanks to Janet H, and Jennifer!
I got you on the list! thanks ladies!
if you two have blogs let me know...
Now I have to get back to the applique projects I have going here...
And catch up on my new show,
JUSTIFIED, with Timothy Olyphant.


  1. The bags are cute!!! Even cuter you modeling them :)
    Have a great day!

  2. You and your bag are FREAKIN FABULOUS!! Luv it! Is that cute little goodie for who I think it is for? If so, she is going to luv it and appreciate you for making it. You ROCK! Happy sewing, my friend!

  3. lovely bags! the mini quilt looks great! i love the vivid colors that you used. i wish our spring break can extend another week long, so i can finish some mini quilts at home.

  4. Lucky you won´t use the bags to carry your talent and all the money that will be coming in with your art work.

  5. Love your new bag and those house quilts look perfect!!

  6. Wow! Talk about blown away, LOVE the little quilt! The bags are sooooo cute, I even like the old one! LOL AND 2 more tops! I love the wave action going on in the second one with the wonky 9 patches, oh, it gives me so many ideas! I think that break did you the world of good!

  7. V, looks like you had a fabulous trip celebrating your milestone birthday. I love what you can get done with your 15 minutes! Your Basics Home Gather quilts are looking fabulous!!!! How sweet of your Mom to get them started. Love the layout with the house blocks. (Can you tell I am a little behind in my blog reading?)

  8. Cute bags. I like a bag to zipper up, as I'm always dropping things. I love the little quilts!

  9. You are so damn cute! I love you doing the modeling of the cute bag. Love the wonky 9 patch in the quilt and they are so zesty and sweet. And of course.....LOVE THE KAFFE little project. Lucky person receiving it! Glad your back, EM

  10. Great bag!!! I've been thinking of making one to carry my keys, phone, and id for when I go on a walk.

  11. its all so lovely, of course. i like that you've fussy cut the flowers and that the star stands out on the light background. your purses are awesome, i like the fabric in the cotton one on the left. the little houses are so cute in the bottom photos

  12. I ~LOVE~ that gray leather and your hair. 3 of my children were born after I was 40yo and gray. Sometimes it is hard being called their "grandma"!!! :-O But, they LOVE my still-soft hair and call the gray "sparkles" like in their little ponies! :-D
    You are SO nice to "know". Thank you, more than you can know.
    Lucy (in IN)

  13. Very cute bag! Love the layout for the new quilts.

  14. big fan of Justified myself. I think hubby is on to why I watch it ;)
    I said he's be just as hot with a cowbow hat, books and a gun....he's more the Armani, briefcase, sunglasses kind
    Nice purses girl!

  15. Love the simple, modern style of your bag and the red top-stitching on the grey leather.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday getaway and that spring is starting to appear in NYC.

  16. The house quilts are looking great!
    I love the new show Justified also, what fun!


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