Sunday, April 18, 2010

not all lazy

Not all stuff and nonsense this weekend...
Got some lovely applique work done.
But never did get anything done in the garden other than a good inspection...
Bleeding hearts? check.
Peonies up? check.
Rhubarb? check, check and check.

My raspberry bushes behind the dogs, are nearly ready to take over my garden...
that could be a problem...!!!!

Haven't cooked any new recipes in ages... so I had to get out a favorite book
and make some of the Bolognaise on page 227.
I'll post it over at my recipe blog soon...
Even better the next day for lunch.. I'm stuffed.

enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Fabric, gardens, doggies, and food. A great weekend!

  2. I am loving the applique and can't wait to see more. Sounds like a very good weekend to me.

  3. Love the Rasberries I am trying to get some started only have three plants so far that have made it through the winter. Cute little dog what is his name? I need to try some applique again yours looks so lovely.

  4. With the dreary weather I worked inside this weekend. I made some cockeyed mini quilts and found out that you cannot print a filtered photo onto transparency without it smudging into a mess.


  5. I love bleeding hearts and peonies are a long time love too. Sounds like a good weekend all round.

  6. I've gotten about as far in my gardening - inspecting, but not much cleaning up or feeding...

  7. Thanks for introducing me to Alice Waters. I asked my son who is all into fresh food had he heard of her and he was shocked that I hadn't. I looked at some of her recipes and they are what we have always cooked! We like simple good fresh food. I am asking for her book for my birthday.


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