Friday, April 30, 2010

cleaning up

My idea of cleaning my studio....
I've been running around here all morning, trying to clean up,
Then I find a box of scraps from a project, and think,
hmm, well, the best way to clean that up is to MAKE IT something!

OK, so I get distracted.
But I count it as my 15 minutes of play!

Minnesota fever quilt

Last week, I did the same thing... And now I have a lap quilt...
gotta love those 15 minutes + 15 +15 minutes of play!
this was fun to play with, not a straight line in it...

Back to cleaning.... sigh.
I feel like I am getting a few things done around here!

We have the NYC METRO MOD QUILT GUILD here tomorrow.

And I hope to see THEA this weekend!
She emailed me to say she'd be in NYC, and I said,
we're are you staying?
turns out I am looking at her hotel right now.
exactly behind my building!

Pop over to her blog, It's one of my all time favorites...
Snippets of fabulous!

Speaking of Fabulous, I am off to PURLsoho
to see there new store,
and pick up a donation for the Bumble Beans BASICS Quilt project...
you all will want to find a quilt to donate...

Stay tuned.
I am hoping to launch that on Wed, May 5th,
please follow the blog

please be patient with me and the info. on the site.
I really need it to be a website, I need some help with that..
and more time! anyone?

More thank yous!!!
Hope C.v Carolyn W, Glenda, Summer, Fran, Emilee,
And Maria G!
She made the entire top!
And will drop it off with Jackie to quilt it with the other 10 I am sending her....
Your awesome Jackie! I can't wait to meet you!

Tomorrow afternoon, I at 3pm I will draw the winner of the AMY Butler scraps.
And the winner of the scrap bag from your guesses... I wonder who will be the closest!
I'll wait for Saturday's mail to arrive,
as I know a few of you scrambled to get them in this week...
So check back tomorrow afternoon

And here is the group photo from the BASICS Kids day...
I so enjoyed it, and wouldn't mind doing more of that!

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. WOW WOW WOW! LOVE the MN Fever quilt...have a GREAT weekend!!!

  2. I second that on the Minnesota Quilt! :) I love the movement.

    The quilt top by Maria looks great! I love the colors. :)

  3. What great blocks I love them. I need to see if I can get a pattern and make one. You are so talented.

  4. The quilt by Maria G. is incredible. I love brown and blue together.
    Mary C. (WA)

  5. Cute stuff! I have this scrap pile on my cutting table that I keep looking at and thinking of you. (And you know this is high praise!) Have a fabulous weekend! Happy sewing!

  6. love the weaving effect with the MN fever quilt!

  7. Respire, respire, respire!

    Love that first quilt. It's amazing what one can do with scraps.

    What on earth are you up to? I'm so out of touch that I can't really grab the concept.

  8. Oh i'm so excited to be here!! think i was still on the bus when you were having fun at purl soho - jealous! anyhoo, I've sent you an email - what's a good time to call you? Are you a late-nighter or an early bird? Thanks for the blog mention - I'm completely chuffed, and excited to meet you!


  9. 15 minutes of play?? 15??
    You're a wizard and I love that first piece! Can I please have some of your energy?


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