Friday, April 16, 2010

15 + minutes

13.25" X 17.5"

It started with 15 minutes...

I got out my box of 3 inch squares and a pile of solid scraps...

sewn the scraps together cut into 3" blocks at random...

Picked out colors for the filler blocks...


I like the brown.. I'm in a cozy brown mood...

Pick out a scrap backing...

Machine quilt it, lines and curves

Dig through my scrap binding box...
pick out the binding.

sew it on.
Stitch it up...

throw it in the wash...


(slightly more than 15 minutes... oops!
more like 45 minutes)

Back to applique... moving right along...

Thank you Jan, Barbara B, and Bonnie!

Hop over the SAY CHEESE portraits blog...
Some fun stuff happening over there!
Let loose, have some fun, even for 15 minutes!


  1. Definitely the brown. The green didn't do anything for it. Like it.

  2. Oooh, I could have done either! I'm amaized at what you achieve in such a short space of time! Loving seeing all the action over at 'say cheese'!

  3. I love your idea of taking 15 minutes for yourself and your little quilt turned out so cute too! Nice job!

  4. "my" 15 minutes always lasts longer too!! Wonder why?? ;)

  5. So beautiful, so mini! I need to get back into sewing ASAP.

  6. You are faster than me. I made a mini quilt and took me 3 hours, lol. I did 2" triangles and put the top together, tomorrow I will stitch it.


  7. I love the purples and brown together.

  8. That would take me about a day! Very nice.

  9. oh I love it, sorry to be ignorant but is this just a little cloth project or part of a larger one? I want to make something long like this as a table runner... just have to gather guts... will be my first - crazy as I've watched you for so long and wanted to make something too :)



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