Tuesday, March 23, 2010

questions for DC

Any great quilts I need to see in D.C.?

Any info any of you have, shoot me a comment.

or any other favorite thing.. restaurants, other places etc.??


  1. Hi V, I visited DC many years ago. I visited most of the monuments around DC area. I thought that was worth to see (I was in a bus tour). Don't know if I help much~ have a great day~

  2. My son's in college in D.C. - so many choices! The Textile Museum off DuPont Circle was fun - it's small but terrific quality. There was an Amish Quilt exhibit when I was there. If you go to that, try "Teaism" for lunch or dinner, great shops & restaurants all around DuPont Circle area. Have fun, and enjoy the Cherry Blossoms!

  3. My parents used to live in DC, and we loved to visit. We were able to see everything we wanted by getting on the Metro. Worth the money because of it's ease and convenience!!
    I hope you have fun, and I'm quite jealous...

  4. I went to grad school in DC so I can definitely recommend some things! The Native American Museum is great. You're just slightly early for cherry blossoms but you might see some (if they're out, you can't miss 'em since they're everywhere). Great shopping in Georgetown as well as the best ice cream place: Thomas Sweet. My fave sushi place is just north called Sushi Ko. Awesome Burmese food at Burma Restaurant in Chinatown.

    Have fun!!!

  5. I was just there in Feb and had a great time! There is so much to see, we didn't have time for everything, but everything we saw was great! You can check out my blog post about our trip here:
    and here:
    which shows a picture of the quilt I saw at the American History Museum.
    Have fun! (Can't wait to see pictures!!)

  6. I live in Baltimore....You should go to Capital Quilts in Gaithersburg MD....it is a fantastic quilt shop!

    And then you should go to Arcos Mexican Restaurant in Baltimore cuz they have the BEST Mexican food and the restaurant is in an old renovated row house...they used materials from old buildings that were being torn down for the interior elements and it is cool.....then afterwards you can go to the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Aquarium, and visit some of the funky stores in Fells Point. Heck, if you go to Arcos, let me know and I will join you! Have a great trip!

  7. DEFINITELY go to the National Museum of American History. You start off with the GIANT Star Spangled Banner Flag and it just goes on from there...My personal favorite thing is the statue of Einstein by the National Academy of Sciences right off Constitution Ave. Have a great time. I wanna GO!!!

  8. anything in the Smithsonians, of course, and especially the gift shops, which have a lovely selection of stuff. I'm still kicking myself I didn't buy some African mudcloth yardarge when I was there in 2000. I also got some of that quilty gift wrap in the gift shops. have fun!

  9. You have to go to the smithsonian. I just found out that even though the quilts they have are not on exhibit, you can make an appt to be taken into the quilt storage room and they will open drawers for you......!!! You can see Martha Washington's quilt and many others! I believe if I remember correctly, it is available on alternating Tuesday mornings. I read the information in a back issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. Call the Smithsonian! I am so excited for you - Hopefully you will get to do this! Cheran

  10. Can't help you on what to see and do, but if you just happen to cross across Obama give him a hug from me ROTFLOL!

    Have a great time.

  11. Email me and I can make some suggestions. I have lived in the area all my life. Let me know when you'll be visiting and I can tell you how to get the quilt tour at the Smithsonian. You can return the favor with insider suggestions for next time I go to NYC--I'll be there in June and September and probably August.

  12. I enjoy Clyde's in Chinatown.

    There's also a Mongolian Grill - Tony Cheng's.

    The Textile Museum - Washington, D.C.

    The Textile Museum is located at 2320 "S" Street, NW, Washington, D.C. Hours are: Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm, and Sunday, 1 pm to 5 pm. Admission is free; suggested donation $5.00. For more information call 202-667-0441. www.textilemuseum.org

    April 4th is to be PEAK Cherry Blossom time.

  13. If you are up for an adventure, google Quilters Quest -- MD/VA Shop hop. There are a lot of shops in the DC area. :)

    I love Capital Quilt in nearby Gaithersburg, MD.

    G-Street Fabrics has several stores in the area -- lots of fabric, not just quilting.

    There's SOOO many things to see in the various Smithsonian buildings. You can easily spend a day in each one. The National Zoo is special. The National Mall is great --- tons of monuments. :)


  14. OH I have great memories of a DC trip when I was 16. I bought my 1st quilt on that trip. A BEAUTIFUL purple and white Amish quilt, in a little town called Bird-in-Hand, Penn... if you have time for that I would HIGHLY recommend it... you won't leave without one. :) Beautiful! :) Have fun!!

  15. Hi V
    I went to this dollhouse museum 10 years ago. it was kind of creepy, but fun. here is a link: http://www.mytravelguide.com/attractions/profile-78248705-United_States_District_of_Columbia_Washington_Washington_Dolls_House_and_Toy_Museum.html

    Have you been to the DAR?
    i remember it was hard to find, but they have quilts.

    have fun

  16. We just spent a year in DC and went to every museum/historic walk/etc between there and Baltimore. My all-time favorite is the Renwick Gallery. It's a Smithsonian with a lot of variety of American arts and crafts. It is small and uncrowded and very convenient since it is right on Penn. Ave. It is not painting after painting, so it is a lot more interesting for someone B's age than some of the other museums.

    The Textile museum is not close to any of the other major things to see or close to a metro stop. Be prepared for a long walk. It is small and just not worth it unless you have unlimited time.

    The American Indian museum is a great place to eat because the food is really unusual and among the best at the Smithsonians.

    If you can't/don't want to get tickets to go to the top of the Wash. Monument, go over to the Old Post Office Building and you can go right up into the bell tower with almost no wait and the view is just as good and a lot less hassle. Lots of places to get lunch, there, too.

  17. The Textile Museum is great - simple, and it takes a cab to get there - but best is the gift shop - fabulous scarves and stuff from all over the world!!!! Have fun



  18. Aren't you the jet setter?!? Don't have any suggestions for DC, but have a fun and safe trip.

  19. Hi Victoria,

    Chinatown Gardens on H St is my favorite Chinese place, much cheaper than Tony Chengs. Clydes right around the corner is pretty good, too. There is a crepe stand in the alley next to Clydes & the Verizon center that is Excellent! I sneak down there every chance I get.

    Jinny Beyers shop is in Great Falls which is only about an 45 min to an hour away depending upon traffic. It's worth a look. She does everything by hand and there are lots of tops to look at. You can even turn them over to check out her stitching.

    Here's the link for the DC quilt quest. Check it out for shops in the area. http://www.quiltersquest.org/

    ttfn :) Yuki

  20. p.s. If you are interested in just shopping, Pentagon City in Arlington has a great shopping mall.

    ttfn :) Yuki

  21. the native american museum is a must!!!!!! marcus


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