Sunday, March 7, 2010

new ink

Something many of you may not know about me, is that I have many tattoos.
only one small one visible normally, and a couple others only visible with a swim suit on...

But last night, well,

Here's my new ink.

Born to QUILT!

he he!

Just kidding about the new ink...

Barb, whom I hoped to meet yesterday, wasn't able to make it,
but she was indeed here after all!


She sent me 4 lovely house blocks for BASICS ,
and the FAKE tattoos that I just had to take advantage of...

A cat house,
a PINK house,
a very fitting Green for St. Pats,
and ELVIS is indeed in the house!!

woo hoo! Give it up for Elvis!

Thanks Barb! You were here in spirit!

And no, I won't be posting images of my of my REAL tattoos.
so don't ask.


Have a great Sunday!


  1. Barbs houses are gorgeous!! I have mine ready to send this morning, finally.

    Imagine really having that as a tattoo! That would be dedication for sure.

  2. What?! No pictures of you in a swimsuit? Come on! Have a great day, my friend! Happy sewing!

  3. darn! I want to see the tattoos!

  4. Love those houses, especially the newsprint and the Elvis. That's some Fab ink, lol.

  5. Very fun! And I like the little graceland....

  6. Hi V -
    Glad you got the mail - ha ha, just had to send you a couple of those tatoos.
    Glad you liked the houses. Of course, I had to do a pink one :)
    glad you had a good time yesterday!

  7. Love that new tatoo! Darn it, I thought it was real. Oh well. The houses are adorable!

  8. Ha well that would be an awesome tat, too bad Im scared of needles. I LOVE the Elive house!


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