Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random acts

I've been working on two particular quilts for the last 2 weeks, trying to get them done by Monday.... So Today I thought, goody! I'll get a whole lot done today...
Well... I was jones-ing to just play in my scraps... and do something that I don't have to think so hard about....
It's nothing fancy, but sometimes you need to just doodle...
Whether it's Drawing doodling, machine quilting doodling or
playing with scraps doodling

So I did a little of everything...

Remember when I did the 3 MINUTE CHALLENGE?
Just like when you take an art class, you WARM UP with some 30 second drawings...
1 minute Gesture drawing,
The same aspect can be done to loosen your creative juices...
That's what this did for me today...

Go ahead, I give you permission to PLAY in your scraps today!

Ran down to get my mail and Look what was in my mailbox!

Random acts of kindness, does it get any better?
Thank you Brenda, you made my whole day!

HOUSE GATHER: Darlene sent in two cat houses! I love the littlest guy on the right...
Don't they all look good together?? Keep 'em coming! (click here) we need many many more.

DONE!! It's washed and drying on my floor as we speak! (below)
One quilt left to finish by monday...
You have no idea how hard it is for me to work, two weeks, on the same project...
I have three other ideas in my head that are screaming to get out...
and two BIG projects I need to tackle asap...

But for today. I'm thrilled to have the waverunner #1 complete!

And, the most useful bit of info I have been given lately...

Even though I've been sewing for years, sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious...

Use a self threading needle when you need to bury your Start & Stop quilting threads...

And the little leather finger pads, work a million times better than a thimble for me!

Ok that's two things...

Got any other useful tips to share with everyone?


  1. What a great post today! Awesome quilts and what a nice surprise to receive a selvage notebook. Is it okay if I put the photo of it on the Selvage Blog?

  2. Hey V, I'm giggling cause I can see your toes.(Almost as funny as nekkid guy). But seriously, your Waverunner looks FABULOUS! The quilting look sooo good! Luv your scrappy stuff too. And the person who told you to use a self-threading needle is obviously a double genius. Happy sewing, my friend! You Rock!

  3. Yummy wave runner. Your blog is always filled with colorful goodness.

  4. I had a day off today. The brain couldn't take any more and I'm working on a birthday present for Friday WHICH can only be worked on when the recipient isn't in the house.

    Sooo I went shopping. I've been after the Handeze gloves for hand quilting for ages and ages. Well, at least something similar which doesn't break the bank cos I need the dosh for fabric!

    Got 2 for 1€ each. Definitely a woohoo day.

    Waverunner is sooo gorgeous and please don't tempt me anymore. I have far too much to do as it is.


  5. your waverunner is beautiful. Someday I'm going to quilt mine! I know what you mean about ideas screaming to get out. I have some deadlines too and it's sure hard to focus sometimes!

  6. Your waverunner is spectacular. The hand stitching in it really adds a lot. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling great lately. I hope that treatments help and that you're feeling better soon. Even though you've slowed down, you still are a bundle of energy compared to me. Be well, my friend.

  7. Love your waverunner quilt! I too, enjoy just doodling with many mediums. It's a great activity for rejuvenating your creative soul.

  8. The waverunner quilt looks great! Combining hand and machine quilting is something I wouldn't have thought of. It's amazing how a little hand quilting can really jazz it up.

    Hee hee, can't believe you got my cat houses already! I only mailed them on Saturday. I'll try to get a few more made up for you as time goes on. After all, we have til the end of April!

  9. The hand/slow stitching on your Waverunner really adds a great dimension to the quilt along with your machine quilting. Very nice. So glad you are continuing to receive more house blocks.

  10. I know how hard it is to finish up old projects when you want to start a new one. But wave runner was worth a finish. What a beauty!
    And how nice to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness. :)

  11. waverunner looks just amazing, great quilt!

  12. The waverunner was one of my favorite quilts of yours before you quilted it and now with the addition of the hand quilting, it is really fantastic.

    Good reminder about the self-threading needles. I need to go pick some up.

  13. Your waverunner quilt is gorgeous! Someday I may find time to make one, but first I am determined to finish some UFOs.


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