Thursday, February 11, 2010

Call for help

A few weeks ago I had read in the paper about homelessness in the U.S. right now
and was astounded by the numbers for homeless families... particularly in NYC.

I called up a friend of mine, who I knew runs an organization
for getting families back into homes
from all walks of life. The organization Basics Inc. does so much more that this
like heath care, rehab, training. housing etc.

but I asked,

can your organization take any quilts?

He said,

do you have 700?

Well, I can tell you that really struck a cord with me...

So I went up a week or so ago, to the South Bronx, and toured their organization, met some families, brainstormed ideas, and I plan on doing a few other things with them to help out and do my part...

For a start:

Is a donation quilt for their auction in Sept.

So I am going to ask for helpers!
Event has passed. See bottom for outcome!

I'd like to invite all of you who care to help

To make me one

10 1/2" HOUSE block.

sewn down will be 10"

please note:

HOUSE BLOCK pattern below

small prints or solids seem to look best

Hit the scrap bins!

You can use the below block,
(I'd like that very much please)
use your own house block

as long as it's 10.5" square

If you'd like to help

Comment or send me an email, with your

Also, If you "IN" feel free to take the above image and add it to your side bar
and feel free to blog it on your site, the more blocks i get the more quilts these folks will get!

As many blocks as I get,
All will be made into quilts for donation.

So, come one, come all!

I'll accept blocks until April 30th.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Row 1

2" X 10.5" royal blue

Row 2:

2" X 6.25" blue
2" X 2" red
2" X 3.25" blue

Row 3

take one blue 3.25" X 3.25" cut in have diagonally

take one 3" X 6" rectangle (yellow)
cut to the three inch point to make triangle (discard the little yellow triangles)

take one 3" X 8.75" red rectangle
cut 45 degrees on either end

I may have a funny way of putting together my triangles... but it does actually work..

line up the bottom edges of the triangles right sides together,
the blue will stick over the edge a bit, sew your 1/4" seam

with the red piece allow quarter 1/4" of yellow to over lap, sew 1/4 seam

again line up your bottom edge of blue triangle with red, blue will over shoot by 1/4"
very goofy I know, but it works, see...
and trim the little bits that stick over above

Row 4

(don't look at the background grid in this photo it's wrong)

2" X 5.5" (yellow)

2.75 X 3.75 navy blue

1.75 X 3.75 yellow
1.75 X 3.75 navy blue

5.5 X 5.25 navy blue

PLEASE NOTE: the door way is NOT centered on this block....
layout is the navy 2.75 block, then the 1.75 yellow, then the navy 1.75 block...

trim. I took .25 off the bottom... to square it up...
close enough!

finished size is 10.5" X 10.5"

And if you want to add the heart, you can applique it, or not.. your choice...

colors listed are ONLY for what I did.
Please use what ever colors you want... small prints and solids look best.

I hope that is clear enough...

UPDATE! We gathered 550 House blocks, made 60 quilts and auctioned them off to raise $30,000 for Acacia Network (formerly known as Basics/Promesa)

Please visit for ongoing projects!

bumblebeansinc at gmail dot com


  1. I'm definitely in! I'll make more than one.

  2. Forgot to say, i'll use a non-wonky house pattern I have. No need to send.

  3. I would love to help. Count me in for at least one, and hopefully more. And I do love the house you have designed. What do you think about posting it?

  4. I'm in. Please email me you design - rjprytz at hotmail dot com.

  5. Very, very good iniciative. Like the saying "charity begins at home". We tend to look abroad for the caring ones, while poverty is all around us. Can´t neglect one´s own neighbouhood.

  6. I'm in. I'll email you my address, etc. Good luck!

  7. You can count on me! I've been wanting to make some houses as they are so cute. I'm sure I can find a pattern in my quilting book. Did you want to send out a particular pattern or shall we just leap in? By the way I think you are awesome doing this for the homeless and I love the idea of making them house quilts!!

  8. I just posted about it. I am so happy to see the fabrics from my giveaway in the house. Great idea.

  9. I'd love to help! If it's no trouble, I'd like to use your pattern. Great idea, V!

  10. Count me in! I'll send you a few, send me your pattern and I'll see what I can come up with :)

  11. Another great project and I would be very happy to participate if you allow me. I will make a house block and I will definitely send it before April 30th. I don't know if you still have my name and address, if not please reply to this email.

  12. Please count me in for several house blocks.

    Your pattern can be posted for free online so that it can be downloaded and printed out by anyone who needs it. I've done that with several patterns. If you need additional info about how to do it, let me know.

  13. I would be very happy to participate from France. Please send me your pattern.

  14. I'd love to do this. My email is
    I like your house pattern and seeing as how I have not made a house block using yours would be great

  15. I'm IN! What a wonderful idea! I'll email you my address. I'll try and do more than one... we'll see! :)

  16. I've got a bin of scraps just begging to be used! Count on me V!!
    You said it was going to be BIG...
    you weren't kiddin'.
    Makes one think how lucky they are.


  17. Count me in.
    itsahoot24 at aol dot com

  18. I would love to make some house blocks for you....will send you my info.....

  19. I've been to NYC for the first time last year and I fell in love with the city
    That's why I decided to sent you some houses, I will have surgery on march 3rd and after that I'll hopefully have plenty of time to create some houses

  20. I am happy to make you a block and if you want to send me blocks I will sew it into a quilt and have it quilted and send it back to you

  21. Count me in. We're supposed to have snow AGAIN here in Alabama tomorrow, so I should be able to get started right away!

  22. I would love to make (at least) one for you! I have a pattern for a non-wonky house that I can use. Great idea!

  23. Greta idea - Please count me in for one or most likely more. So how many house blocks go into one quilt? That makes 700 x ? = ? house blocks needed. Will email details. Thank you for starting this project!

  24. This is so cool! I've always wanted to help in some way, especially with the homeless and hungry in our communities. I would love to try making one of these house blocks, maybe more, to contribute! Good for you for leading this!

  25. Count me in for a couple of houses! I'm going to try and use the pattern as you posted it...

  26. Hey ya'll, I'll make two or three blocks for ya! I also put your little house on my blog sidebar, and linked it back to you. I'll also mention it on my blog tomorrow!

  27. I'd like to make a couple. I love house blocks! Count me in.

  28. I love this idea and would love to help out by making blocks. I am assuming I can email you from here, so you can send me the details and where to send.


  29. I would love to help. Please send info.

  30. I've always wanted to build a house!!! :) Sounds fun. I'll follow your pattern on your page unless your other directions will give me something more! Will get you my info doesn't seem to want to open my email to send...grrr....I like sewing much more than computers! :)

  31. I'm in!
    What a fun and great idea!

  32. would love to help out, count me in. Its great that you started this.

  33. I sent off an email - I'd love to make a few blocks for this cause.

  34. I saw this mentioned on Sarah's blog (redgingham) and just wanted to say what a lovely idea. I'm working with a team here in the UK that supports people who are sleeping rough and it's nice to know people all over the world are helping.
    Good luck!


    PS I would join in if I could sew, but I can't so I'm with you in spirit!

  35. You know I'm in, V!

  36. I am in. I hope I can pull off not doing wonky....I'll use your pattern. My blog is Pls send any info you need to for me to get started.

  37. You know me V, I'm in! Lets see how many I can send you.... the challenge is on!

  38. Participation is a must! Will make a couple up and will email you my details.

  39. How fun!! Will make at least one block of your pattern and maybe on another 10" block I have wanted to make for a long time and keep putting it to the back of the line. BonnieB

  40. If you are still looking for helpers, count me in. Thanks for doing this.

  41. i'd like to help! Where do we send the squares? Wendy

  42. V, I would love to volunteer my long arm quilting service to help complete the tops. I even have batting that is to be used specifically for charity quilts, so I can donate that too!

  43. I'm in! Sent you an email with my info.

  44. (At least) One house block coming right up!


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