Thursday, December 17, 2009


My blocks for the Bee Balm quilting bee are coming in, and so I am trying to square them out keeping them the wonky flare to them as possible. I can't wait to have this quilt done... it's been so much fun!
I sent a variety of strips of fabric and the beginning square, and asked that they use all the fabrics... So that is where the little one s came into play.
I 'll use them in the borders to go around all the big ones.... I even asked for all the little bits of unused bits as I hope to put ever last bit on the fabrics into the quilt...

Look at some of the tiny pieces I got back!
wish me luck!

Amy asked about the Tile quilt (click for more images) blocks and how I did it.
I keep a bag of tiny scraps, that are just to small or wonky to cut into squares, and I really just picked stuff out of my scraps and tiled them, or laid them out around the block,

fused them with a tiny piece of fusible web just to hold them in place,

and needle turned appliqued the pieces down. They go very quick.

I also peel the fusible web off before I finish sewing them down because I want them to be a little puffy when I am done...
You can pack them in as tight as you want as the pieces get much smaller as you sew them down.

I could have put more in the blocks I did but I was also focusing on the back ground fabrics to come through... So I left them a bit sparse....

Let me know if you start a project like this, I would like to make another after I finish this one!
Maybe will do another quilt along.. what do you think?

Great way to hit the scrap bin...

I quilted and bound this quilt yesterday.

Half way through sewing the binding it got it's first use...
I pulled it up and went to sleep for a hour and half...

It works well! ;-)

Of course B is back in school today,
figures right? Mommy syndrome....

Kids get sick, mom's get sicker... ;-)

Santa, if you need a new Rudolph this year,
My nose could guide your sleigh!

Or, I could do one of those cold medicine commercials where
the nose runs away from the scratchy tissue....





  1. Hey V, Everything looks great! your Bee blocks are fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Glad B is better and you take care. (My little rascals did the same thing to me about a month ago.)
    Take another nap under that quilt today, it looks like it would give you sweet dreams.
    Merry quilting, my friend!

  2. get better! glad you can rest with such a pretty quilt. And, I love that log cabin with solids. I've been collecting solids and think I know NOW what I'm going to do with them. :)

  3. the bee balm blocks look great together...feel better soon!

  4. that was such a fun idea - I love the blocks you got back from all the BBs. cold? yucko, hope you and B feel better soon.

  5. I really like those tile blocks more and more. I have bags of bitty pits of gorgeous fabric too small for much else. I see one of these coming along soon.

    So sorry about your nose. Hope it, and you feel much better soon. Got echinacea?

  6. Great wonky blocks! What a cool idea. How are you going to put them together? I love the variety of colors.

  7. love the log cabin blocks...solids just love the look
    the tile blocks are interesting
    going to have to think about that challenge
    maybe a post card challenge ?

  8. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Just looking at your quilts makes ME feel better!

  9. Thank you V. (Hand needle turn applique?)

    Please feel better soon. Are you going away for the holiday?

  10. That bee quilt will be FABULOUS! Feel better soon!

  11. Love the Bee Quilt, makes me want to get back to my wonky logs that are all solids too! Pleased B is better, hope you and your nose are much better soon, keep snuggling and snoozing under your beautiful quilt :o)

  12. glad to hear the report that your quilt works well, LOL. :) i LOVE your bee balm blocks. they are so very fantastic! i love the idea of having little blocks on the outside borders. you'll do great with all those little pieces. i'm sure of it!

    hope you feel better, lady!

  13. What Bee Balm fun!! And if you get a whole quilt quilted and bound when you're sick not wonder you do three whole quilts a day when you're well. Get better, there's celebrating to do!

  14. Take care of that cold; I'll bet you'll be dreaming of those wonderful liberated log cabin blocks while you rest. I think I will, too!

  15. I am sorry to hear you're under the weather! I hope you feel better very soon. Have you received
    my blocks yet...from Texas? I mailed them @ 2 weeks ago? Oh, I hope so. But let me know, k? Thanks, Elaine
    soggybottomflats quilting

  16. Sorry to hear you are still sick...glad your quilt gave you some comfort. I'm loving your tile blocks. Would definitely be interested in another quilt along. Feel better soon.

  17. Love the Bee Balm blocks! The pic is very inspiring for me to use up some of my scraps!


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