Thursday, November 12, 2009


Here's a baby waverunner!
This is Jo's quilt. go see the other pics at her blog, Jo's country Junction.

How are you alll doing on your waverunners?
Any questions?
What did you decided for quilting?
I need to do that.... My goal is to start quilting them next week.

Pixie dust is DONE! I just need to wash it and dry then I can post some pictures...

I got a LOAD of work done yesterday. Good thing, as today B is off school for conferences, and we have a ton of stuff to do today.. Not much time to sew today...

I was going to bed last night, and An idea popped into my head, and very quickly fabric was flying... a few minutes later, well. here's a PEEK at another for the list...

I love that many of you have LONG LISTS of quilts too!
That means the creativity is flowing!!!

(and my studio looks like a tornado went through it....)

Any of you wanna come over and help me bind??
wishful thinking!

gotta run.


  1. Ill come help you bind :) My machine has broken, I fear the boys and their sticky fingers are to blame. So my waverunner is on hold at the moment. Karen

  2. I'd happily come over and bind, or be that assistant you need ... I fear flights, board and lodging would not be included LOL I'll start saving!

  3. You crack me up! Everything looks great. I particularly luv the circles. Happy sewing, my friend!

  4. Cool boot quilt. Thanks for posting an update of Owen. It makes me happy to hear of his progress and I pray that it continues.

  5. The pink wave runner is so fun!
    Love the circle quilt too --

  6. I will happily pop over and help you bind, if you find the flight.
    PS When in January are you coming to Edmonton?

  7. Hurricane V has struck, huh? Been here too. I'll come help bind, if you'll come help organize! Love your latest inspiration sneek peek!
    Waverunner quilting is trying to get sorted out its on my UFO challenge list, so that should mean it gets done before January!

  8. Goodness, the fabric must be flying, the needles vibrating!!! Love it all! I just finished my waverunner quilt this afternoon So much fun to do! thanks so much for the tutorial! Ha! My verification word is spinder (like the spinning I did while quilting my waverunner!)

  9. Oh, you know how much I wish I could come and help you bind. ;)

  10. I have only one more row to put on my Waverunner! Woo hooo! I think I am going to alternate sections with straight colum quilting with others sections quilted with waves and bubbles....we'll see!


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