Saturday, October 10, 2009


A few more Xmas gifts done yesterday.

The request for this one was for a strictly simple black and gray quilt,
so I had to use some exciting fabrics to bring it alive!
(thank you Susan!) She sent me these fabrics way back when!

I'm so excited now, because the BIG gifts are made,
and I can get back to some other fun projects I have been working on.

Like the dresdens, and this scrap stripe quilt.
I have more fabric now!! I can't wait to make that quilt BIGGER!!!
Michelle wants me do an online class so she can make this quilt.
Anyone else want to join in?
easy and fun!


It seems from the quilt festival everyone likes that one a lot also, so it has given me steam to want to finish it ASAP!

Thanks for all the kind words from the quilt festival!
I'm taking my time going through every one's posts....There are so many beauties..

So far I have gone through the first 24 blogs!
Here's a few new ones I enjoyed...

This was a stand out. Very well done.

I came across this blog, check out her feather quilting...
I know many of you mentioned you were working on feathers.

And mention, this blog.
Many are so personal they really tug your heart strings.


other random things I was working on finishing this week...

The colors look really weird in this photo...Perhaps a tween gift...

These blocks, I've had them for over a year, and thought,
oh, just pull them out and finish them...
Let's just say, they are put back in the box for another year....
One day, OR NOT, I will finish them.

although I do like this layout...
I've tried so many things with these, I just don't get excited...

So. It's time for some apple picking, pumpkin gathering, and some R&R... A long weekend!
It will make the next week go really fast!
I'm heading to Houston on Thursday!!! I'm so excited!
I know I will have my socks knocked off... And my brain will be on ideas over load...
I may burst...


Have a great weekend!


  1. I so want to get to Houston next year...enjoy! An online class...sounds fun. I'm feeling the need to try something new....

  2. wow i love the black n white quilt, its amazing!

  3. V, Everything looks fabulous! I particularly luv the tween quilt. Those Kaffe fabrics make my skirt fly up and so do you! We will be up to our "eyeballs" in quilts this time next week. Yipee! Happy sewing, my friend!

  4. I love the black and gray quilt. You sure gave it some punch. I think an online scrap stripe class would be fun. I need to branch out.

  5. Love the black and gray quilt! Hooray for the class!

  6. Yeah I'm busy finishing up some bindings, and Christmas projects too.
    I learned a long time ago to get them done early after some all nighters on Christmas eve......and I never did see Santa!

    Happy sewing

  7. The black and grey quilt is beautiful! Who would have thought those non-colours would turn out so nicely...?

    I'm off to check out the feather quilting. I hope you're having a lovely weekend! (It's snowing here. Yep, already.)

  8. Hi V,
    I love the quilt with the circles. Are all the fabrics from the same line?
    Mary C.

  9. Black and gray is wonderful. Like the Katie Jump Rope blocks - one day they'll tell you where they belong.
    Enjoy Houston!!

  10. The black and white one really speaks to me because it evokes the thought of black and white photography.

  11. LOVE your weekend stories! My DH is in VT this weekend finishing up closing the house for winter...I languish in Seattle (altho a perfect weekend was had by all). But I miss VT and loved your pix!

    YES on online tutorial on your 'stripes' would be welcome. I TRIED, I really did but mine just looked like I didn't know how to sew...THANX FOR ALL YOU DO!

  12. i LOVE the swirly quilt. it's such a wonderful use of different color ways of fabric. and the one red and blue square is a fun pop! you are so so good!!! i love those masculine blocks, too. if you are stuck, we could do a swap. i have some blocks that i started (they are really aren't doing much for me) and we could finish each other's project? i'd send you a photo of them beforehand so you could decide if you want to or not.


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