Wednesday, September 30, 2009

scrap tales

Ahhhh, scraps.
Don't ya just love'm
When I get stuck in my head, I have to get out my scraps,
and just sew my brains out without thinking...

It makes me so happy.

These little trees ( below) that Shelly and I did, are sort of that way too.
Cut, sew, cut, sew...
I'm finishing mine off...I can't show you, as I will bring it to Houston
and will have a show and tell with her then.

Darn those Batiks are addicting.... Love them.

And I have Tonya's parting words to me, still in my head...
Use more solids....
OK. For today, that works for me!


  1. Your solids look great. You are giving me itchy fingers just lookin at them. I can't wait to see you finished trees. Happy sewing, my friend!

  2. Love that colour combo! I guess we both have scraps on the brain.

  3. i love that stripe scrappy block! what are you do with them? the trees are amazing.. i like batiks too!

  4. Love those wacky stripes! scrap heaven! kath

  5. You're going to be in Houston for the IQA Show? Me, too! I want to meet you! (I have a quilt in a special exhibit, so I'm coming to see it hanging . . .)

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Beautiful!!!
    I agree, more solids!!!
    Hi, this is Kim from the great give post you responded to...I would love to pick you, I am very excited that you are also willing to make and give something handmade to three people. Just make yourself a little blog post about it to getyour great give going!
    I only wish I could get one of the beautiful things YOU make!!!
    Oh, and will you e-mail me you address at

  7. Solids are so popular right now. I think the Amish had it right to begin with! I have a little stash of Bella solids.

  8. love those bright colours in your scrap pile! They are fun to put together without thought! Looking forward to the final reveal of your trees - it looks "intreeging"!
    I'm a batik fiend, love 'em!

  9. Your solids are great! How did you get them "wavy" and "curvy"? I want some just. like. yours!

  10. I love my scraps. I do the same thing, when I am not inspired or only have a little time, I pull my scraps out and sew them into squares. I love solids, Gwen Marston convinced me of the versatility you can get with solids.

  11. Those scrap stripes are fantastic, bold and vibrant, Love them! Looking forward to seeing the trees too, I love batiks! Good luck with the pay it forward, I am currently finishing off my 3 gifts to pay forward :-) Its very satisfying - Enjoy!

  12. Every once and awhile I find I need to play in the solid scrap what you are doing with yours!

  13. oh, those solids look fun!!! i've been working with scraps so much that i miss my stash. i guess it's good to mix it up. :) at least for me.

  14. Those solids look fabulous! Almost look like a painting rather than fabric!

  15. Use more solids. Use more solids. Use more solids. Good advice.

    There are still openings in Denyse Schmidt's advanced improv workshop in Bridgeport tomorrow (she's offering a 25% discount) - I'll be there with a high school friend of mine - care to be spontaneous and join in?


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