Thursday, October 1, 2009


I ran out of fabric...

I blended some other similar fabrics into this...
Not sure I wan to keep doing that, but i will keep playing with scraps until I get
a bit more solids to finish this.
I love it!

So instead, I worked on this:

And a little of this..

And decided I want to make this one into a whole quilt.
I love the colors.

It makes me smile like this scrappy happy quilt.

Why not have another!


And the Pixie Dust has it's borders on!
It looks amazing.

I'm going to applique a few things in the borders... to jazz it up.
Then it's off to be quilted!

(it's a funky gray dark day, not a good bright picture day!)


  1. I love your solid color piece - well, heck, I like everything you're working on. You look like you keep busy with multiple projects.

  2. You are making me laugh!!! Your solids piece is looking AWESOME!!! I thought I was running out of fabric on the piece I'm working on too, but I managed to work it out.
    Your quilting looks GOOD! You been practicing.
    Your work is making my skirt fly up as usual. Happy sewing, friend!!!

  3. Oh my it ALL looks AMAZING! How fun!

  4. I love the stripey at the top! So cool and modern. Love your profile pic too, you look so hip New Yorky.

  5. They are all beautiful but I LOVE!! the first bright striped one. That is so cool!

    Have a lovely autumn day ~ TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. The strips/stripes are wonderful!
    Love the Pixie project and I see more applique in your future!

  7. That solid quilt is wonderful! So much movement...

    The pixie quilt makes me smile...

  8. wow these are fun - good job with the pixie gather! I ADORE your 3 flower quilts. They are so cheerful and beautiful. Can't wait to see what the middle one looks like as a larger quilt.

  9. Use more solids indeed. I love it, so now I will have to try something like it. I am amazed at the Pixie Dust in its almost final form. The gathering of different styles makes for a really great quilt when skillfully combined. You have succeeded at the combining skillfully part. It looks great.

  10. Are you wavy piecing the solids? Is it hard? It looks amazing!!!

    LOVE the bit of appliqué in the corner of the pixie dust quilt.

  11. That solid quilt melts my heart. I adore it. I can't keep up with reading your posts - I'm way behind.

  12. I love the first quilt it made me think of the aurora borealis.

  13. I love those bright colours! There is something special about a quilt made from solids; very nice!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog; now I found yours.


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