Monday, September 21, 2009

monday, get set,

A year ago when I started quilting seriously, I made the below quilt out of scraps.
I had it finished. The binding was folded over from the backing,
as I had not learned real bindings yet...
and it was one of the first quilts I machine quilted...
Well, last night it got revamped. off came the old binding, on with the new blue binding.
Circles, gone. And a wee car has parked itself in the middle of this quilt.
It's washed up all nice and wiggly and is being sent off, wished for by Penny of stitchinpenny,
for baby Johnathan. Please click the link to learn more, or possibly donate.

I'm happy this quilt is finding a home. It was made from scraps from all of my daughters quilts that I have made over the years. Happy loving memories.


Also being revamped!
the above baby quilt got me thinking
The new stones quilt is growing into a sweet baby quilt....

It's getting some big pink borders to go along with it...
I used the same fabrics but reversed the color patterns, and kept the size cuts the same.

Do you love brownies?
you gotta try these... the recipe is on my cooking blog.
try this yourself
to die for.

Scrappy fun. I hit the scrap bins just before I went on vacation.
I still need to finish this. It was so fun to make, I can't wait to have it done.
note to self: my what BIG feet I have.

got more work to do.


  1. I love how you redid the first quilt! It looks so much better. Hard to part with those Echino cars though, not to mention your kids' special fabrics.

  2. I love that bird fabric - and what a great idea to re-vamp old quilts.


    *goes off to think about quilts she'd like to re-vamp*

  3. I love your scrappy creations! Big feet? all the better for treading grapes! Kath in England

  4. Your baby quilt is very sweet and your gift of it has left a lump in my throat. You Rock!
    Luv your stones quilt and your pink toes. Only three more days!
    Happy sewing!

  5. Love the revamped quilt. And what a wonderful thing to do. I'm sure it will be a much treasured gift.

  6. Loving the revamped baby quilt, wonderful gift! And the stones quilt is gonna be a fab quilt too! As for those birds, wow! Keep up the good work there's still plenty of time in the day to achieve all you need to!

  7. Isn't it amazing what we learn over time. I love the new quilt and the project in the works.

  8. Thank you again. I sent the link to your blog to Lauren so she can see the quilt even though I was going to wait until I could show her in person. This quilt is so very special since you have included fabrics from your daughter's stuff. Thank you thank you thank you.

  9. There isn't anything wrong with going back to front with the binding...lots of the old southern quilts are done that way!

  10. I love seeing how you've highlighted those fun fabrics! The car is fantastic!!! And I love the birds. DE-lightful!

  11. you are such a sweetie, donating to such a wonderful cause. the quilt is amazing, lady. :)

  12. ooh yes!
    The revamp makes a HUGE difference!! The colours pop out so much more, and the quilt is just simply gorgeous!!

    P.S. Wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for putting me on your blogroll! I will return the favour as soon as I figure out how to code one into my tumblr site - hmmmm .:)


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