Tuesday, September 15, 2009

achooo! darn dust bunnies

D I S T R A C T I O N S....

When majorly cleaning avoid working on tops you abandoned...
you'll never see the light of day!

Ok, well,
There are 5 tops now with backing ready to be quilted...

What was I doing?

Playing with the gray blocks?

oh yeah,

and folding and folding...

I thought I did all the fabric, but I keep finding more...

Ooh! Look what I found...
A box of red heart yarn..

Anyone willing to crochet some baby blankets?
For donations only....
I need to know you will be donating them...and to whom
(not just a freebie...)

Email me.
And I will pick one person to get the box...


Oh look! the Tara's house block multiplied!
How did that happen?

What was I doing?
'oh yeah...

getting off the computer~


  1. I have ADD too. It drives me crazy!

  2. Ooh I need a closer look at the rings quilt! Kath x

  3. Please add those extra bits to the rail fence. It needs that bit of oopmh in the borders.

  4. Sewing is alot more fun than cleaning. Love the blocks for Tara. Happy sewing, my friend!

  5. I firmly believe that disturbing dust bunnies makes allergies worse. So it's best to leave them alone and make quilts. :o)

  6. I have always happy to be distracted from cleaning, especially by sewing.

  7. Distractions seem to be a good thing (big grin!) The tops look good, and the design wall looks even more interesting! Think of those distractions as rewards for the sorting, tidying and folding :o)

  8. this sounds familiar.... oh yeah Im the same way :) haha

  9. I like your style of cleaning! It's better to go with the flow anyway and obviously sewing is the right direction at the moment. Cleaning is for Spring anyway.

  10. You're making my head spin. finish something already

  11. looks like your having a lot of fun!
    hey when a project calls your name work on it, your inspired!
    you certainly have great projects waiting for attention!

  12. I do like folding & sorting fabrics. It's quite fun to come across fabrics which you have forgotten about :) .

  13. So I'm not the only one? I'm a little comforted by that, but also a little sad for you. :) Oh, well, at least we're never bored!

  14. Well hopefully you are at least enjoying the distractions because it looks like there are lots of fun projects around. It will all get done eventually.

  15. Oooh I love distractions, and these distractions look fabulous!! xo

  16. yeah, get off the computer..gets results! love what you are playing with and enjoying..focus..right.


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