Friday, August 28, 2009

round up

Your block here.

If you haven't sent in your Pixie Dust blocks,
please try to have them sent by August 31st.


Aren't they looking grand!
I just recvd Roseann's block's! she made three! the bottom corners, and the top right corner.
thanks Roseann!

Some of you have sent back your scraps. So not neccessary, but thanks.
I put them to good use, and am making a scrappy simple baby quilt out of them.
Another for donation! Anyone gathering baby quilts let me know, I can send it on to you when I get it finished, sometime in Sept or October. drop me a line.

Sorry the pics are bad. We are in the gray zone with Hurricane Danny
(or whoever it is now) looming...
hard to get a good shot.

I feel like I've neglected my quilting, and you must be sick of seeing my canning.
I sure am! This is what I did yesterday. 150lbs of tomatoes... Not done yet. but darn near...

When I get a chance to sit, I started quilting this little project out...
Anything larger exhausts me right now.
I made a lot of tops this summer, but not a lot of finishes... But I guess that's ok. When I am back to NYC on the 13th, I'll have more time to finish up some of what I started... I cant' bear to start anythng else right now... and am starting to pack stuff up for the summer.

I recvd my first two blocks of the Scrappy Xmas block swap from Megan. I just love them. I love the brown around the outer row. I need to make more like these... Thanks Megan!

ok, You know those puzzles where you have to spot the differences in the two pictures?
ok ... Here's your puzzle. What's the difference?

I thought at first they were messing with me...
So cute to be spooning that I took a picture, then I came back and I was like.
What! wait a minute! they flip flopped!

Silly dogs. Almost like Siamese twins...
But pretty darn cute silly dogs.


  1. CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!! The gather quilt looks amazing. Thank you all so much for doing it. I love to see our fabrics used in such a lovely way. Lucky me!!

  2. Pixiedust Gather is looking GOOD! I can see my block :)

    Look at all those tomatoes... what did you do with them? Is that sauce or stewed? I don't have 150 lbs but I might have enough to can a few jars of something, if you're sharing instructions/recipes.

    Cute pups. I could use a nap like that, all snuggled up with someone I love - but he's at work haha. I guess one of my own dogs will fill in.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. The blocks look awesome. I can't wait to see it all finished! :)

    And I'm intrigued with all of that brown and blue goodness. Is it a quilt? :)

  4. Wow, those blocks look good together huh? Dropped mine in the mail! Can't wait to see them all. :)

  5. Precious dogs. I am so envious of your tomatoes. Won't they make some great soup this winter! Great blocks too.

  6. Holy smokes that alot of tomatoes! Luv the pixie blocks, they look great! Hope you are finally finished canning so you can get back to some serious sewing! Have a great weekend!

  7. The blocks look wonderful - you did a good job with positioning them - a very nice arrangement! Your kitchen view is lovely - maybe a photo tour of your pretty home?? Have a great weekend!

  8. The blocks are in an addressed envelope - sealed and ready to go to the P.O.

    The tomatoes look great! I'd love to know the recipe, too.

    And those dogs are too darned cute!

  9. I smiled at your dogs. My 2 do that too, they are so alike, they look like "bookends"..Kath xx

  10. If no one else asks for the quilt please send it to me so I can give it to the local child advocasy center. I think seeing this today makes me think that it should be given to the CAC in honor of a friend whose baby will die in utero or shortly after birth. She is having a shower tonight and the gifts will be donated to charity. I made 2 quilts and bought some baby basics, but your post just seems to touch my heart right now. I know the quilt will not be ready for a while, but the baby isn't due until Thanksgiving and I know gifts will be collected for a while. The baby's name is Jonathan and I put labels that said "made specially for you as a gift from Jonathan.

  11. My blocks finally got mailed Yesterday!!!! So sorry for my slow-poked-ness. The quilt looks awesome!

  12. The blue and brown is so nice together. Do you ever sleep? How can anyone deal with 150 lbs. of tomatoes?

  13. GREAT photos! Love the quilt squares... the tomatoes, and the puppies! Too cute :-)

  14. Those two are just too cute! Love the way your Pixie Dust quilt is coming out. Lots of projects on your plate. Good luck with all.

  15. Oh the Pixie Blocks are amazing, I am so glad i got to be part of that, thank you!
    Love the Holiday Blocks! super cute, good luck getting everything done and packed up for NYC!!!

  16. The pixie blocks look wonderful together! That is a lot of tomatoes....better you than me!

  17. the pixie dust blocks are amazing!!! and your puppies are just too darn cute. :) the photos made me smile.

  18. Our Pixie quilt looks great. Thanks for coordinating this project.


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