Tuesday, August 25, 2009

packing it in...

One week left.
We start school very late. Sept 14th. So with one week left, I am really packing it in...
yesterday, I made ketchup, yum.

This morning I put a few rows of the zig zag together, still playing with how it will all go together. Am loving the fabrics! I should be working on the other commission, but I think I will start that when I get back to NYC. I need that one done for xmas... no problem.

Had to take B to do a little school shopping this a.m. as we bought a pair of shoes yesterday,
got them home and realized we had a BLUE and a BLACK one...
So, after we exchanged them this morning,
I surprised B by taking her to the Hampton Classic Horse Show.
She had been begging us to go for years, and deicded, this was the year.
It was very hot and not much shade, so we didn't last long. Yipppee!
Long enough to buy a t-shirt, and a fresh Limeade!

I picked up some paint and sand paper, so I am off to play now with my free dresser...

We head back to Minnesota for one last trip to the cabin on tuesday til sunday, then I am takign B and my mother adn we are driving across South Dakota to custer State Park to see the sites. I figure, since we dont' start school til the 14th, we shoudl do something that is usually packed with people... Since everyone else will be back in school. So that should be fun. It just cuts my end of summer here by one week, and I have the rest of the week to can more tomatoes, salsa, lima beans, butternut squash etc etc etc....

I better get cracking!


  1. Have fun driving back to SD. It's beautiful this time of year. If you get a chance to stop at a quilt shop,the shop I work at Quilt Corral Too, is just off the Interstate 90 at Rapid City exit58. Have a great trip and if you have any questions just ask!

  2. Well, if you ever get here in the summer you will have to bring B and visit Spruce Meadows. We're saving that one until the girls are older, but I'm already excited about it.

  3. I love a home grown tomato. Are you slicing tomatoes in your sleep?

  4. I would love a recipe for home-made ketchup! Thise tomatoes look luscious! Kath in England

  5. I remember my mom making ketchup once when I was a kid. She used way too much vinegar so most of us couldn't even taste it let alone use it! I think that was the same year she made the rootbeer that exploded in the middle of the night....

  6. Where did you get my granny's apron? I love it and it is exactly like the ones she always wore....and not just in the kitchen....all day long everywhere except when she went to town or to church.

    Okay, this is totally off-topic. I was living out of the country when all the reality shows became the rage, and even though I've been back now for 2 years, I'm a junkie. My secret shame is all the "real housewives" shows. Last year the Countess deLyssep's daughters were in the Hampton's show so I wonder have you ever run into any of those housewifey types?
    LOL Tell. Just between you and me. LOL

  7. love that apron! and I bet you were the best mum ever after the horse show! Can't wait to see the after shot of your dresser - quite the roadside find. The zigzag is looking really good - I still don't know how you pack it all into 24 hour days! Have fun in MN and driving in SD

  8. Love your apron. Enjoy the rest of your summer :-)

  9. Hope you enjoyed the prairie dogs at Custer State Park! We were just there with our grandsons and they had so much fun watching them. We enjoyed the pronghorn deer, also; they were very tame and used to traffic I guess. But we didn't take the right route to see the buffalo. That's all right, though, we have quite a few here in Minnesota. Enjoy this last bit of summer!!!!!

  10. Honk and wave when you drive past Sioux Falls!!


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