Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot summer day

My husband asked me last night for a MINI to have in his office...
Never made a mini one before! Sure, what the heck.
It's 5 1/4" square. I think it turned out so cute,
and I think I now want to make a wonky mini star quilt... Something to do with my scraps!
yikes, how many do you think I need!!! I think I need about 200...
Maybe if I make on a day for a year... hmmm. maybe.

I'm still working on the two simply reds... Haven't had much time, and been distracted! it's finally HOT here... you can see my camera got all foggy from the heat outside... Hard to do much sewing when it's this hot...

Still not sure on my borders, I have the last 12" around to finish, and at first thought a blend of reds... But now that it's laying out, it's ok... I might add some wonky bits in it, here and there... but I'm not sold on it yet... So I will play some more, and we'll see what happens...

Pixie Dust Gather friends...
Please have the blocks mailed by August 31st. ;-)

If you've mailed already, THANK YOU!
If I haven't posted it yet, it might be it sitting at my city studio,
and am waiting for my mail to get brought out... I only get my mail once a week.

I'm trying to get as much done today and tomorrow, as all my tomatoes are turning finally and I will be elbow deep in canning tomatoes, salsa, and ketchup...
that's how I know summer is coming to an end! ;-(

We'll see how much I get done... fingers crossed.


  1. I love all of it! Great work! what a neat idea for your hubby's office. Not sure mine would want one. Unless it had deer all over it...then maybe.

  2. Mine went in the mail at the end of last week :)

  3. Cute stuff! I luv it! I like your itchy finger stuff too! Fun, fun, fun! Happy sewing!

  4. LOVING the reds!!!!
    And a very cute little mini too!!
    Andi :-)

  5. I agree, some wonky bits would punch it up some more, just those hits of white and turquoise would make it sing.

    You are really caught up in reds between this project and canning! What ketchup recipe do you use?

  6. That little mini quilt is very cute! What a great way for your husband to think about you during the day!

  7. the mini quilt looks great! i like the red and aqua together! love your stitches! did you use rickrack for your biding or it was the fabric!


  8. That's really cute that star quilt. Can't believe anyone would be patient enough to make 200 of them! Good for you.

  9. Magnificent mini!! How sweet that your husband asked for one for his office.
    Wish I had your energy and talent for canning tomatoes.

  10. i love the mini quilt. i'll make a wonky star quilt if you will. hee hee. they are so fun to make from the tiny triangles that are leftover from joining binding strips together.

    the red quilts are looking great. i love your work!!!

  11. So neat that your husband asked for a mini-quilt for his office!

  12. My gosh - I love alllll of those!

    I can't wait to start on my own red quilt! :)

  13. The mini quilt is just tooo cute...all the reds, I love it!
    One day soon I will join your quilting gatherings ;)


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